Saturday, March 23, 2024

Russia's concert hall shooting in Moscow Déjà vu

Update: The Truth About ISIS And The MOSCOW TERROR ATTACK

City News is reporitng that " Russian President Vladimir Putin said Saturday that authorities have detained 11 people in the attack on a suburban Moscow concert hall that killed at least 115 people and left the sprawling venue a smoldering ruin. In an address to the nation, Putin called it a bloody, barbaric terrorist act and said all four people who were directly involved had been taken into custody. He suggested they had been trying to cross the border into Ukraine which, he said, tried to create a window to help them escape."

In addition to being barbaric, it was also highly suspicious. We know that Putin has used false flag terrorist attacks in Chechnya. The FSB were caught red handed planting explosives in a residential tower. After they were caught they claimed it was just a training exercise. The November Man with Pierce Brosnan was based on a true story. The CIA helped Putin get elected.

"The Islamic State group’s Afghanistan branch claimed responsibility for Friday’s attack in a statement posted on affiliated channels on social media. A U.S. intelligence official told The Associated Press that U.S. agencies had confirmed that the group was responsible for the attack." OK that's obscene. The CIA created ISIS and brought it back after they assassinated the Iranian general responsible for defeating ISIS in Syria.

I have two points to make. The conflict in the Ukraine was manufactured. Biden and Romney's coalition of political misfits have dark business deals in the Ukraine and supported the coup that lead to the invasion protecting the Donbas. Natural gas from Russia is good. Manufactured oil wars to support the Saudi monopoly is not. There is good and bad on both sides of most conflicts.

Putin likes to talk a lot of sh*t about the West. At least now he's starting to clarify his beef is with the Western elites. We share that beef but the WEF is not exclusively tied to the West. They represent a Communist ideology that is inherently evil and is based on lies. I support the US Constitution and the Canadian Charter of Rights. That is what I support.

False flag attacks are designed to undermine the civil liberty protected by law within the constitution. I trust Putin and Xi Jinping more than Klaus Schwab and the WEF but I certainly do not trust Putin or Xi Jinping implicitly. As Abraham Lincoln said Stand with any man as long as they stand right and part with them when they go wrong. Everyone needs to be accountable. That's why American civil servants swear an oath to the constitution not to a person.

Jimmy Dore recently put out a powerful series on Libya. He rightfully cites several military interventions the US has been involved with over the years that have been based on lies. Then out of the realms of intergalactic space he mentioned how he had a MAGA supporter and a Marxist on who hugged it out about their shared struggles. Now I'm like WTF? MAGA is not Marxism. MAGA opposes Marxism. That's why MAGA exists.

I don't want to hate. I recognize the fact that I used to have several friends in CUPW who called themselves communists because they believed in democracy and free speech. IMO that is not what Communism is. James Connolly was a Communist who gave his life for a free republic that protected civil liberty by law. That is the root of the struggle. Protecting civil liberty by law.

This false flag attack could be orchestrated to justify overturning the Taliban's opium ban in Afghanistan again. It's also possible the CIA is going to use their newly formed K branch to launch attacks against Iran by proxy. The CIA created ISIS. History repeats itself until we learn from it.


  1. Anyone who knows history, knows we never learn from it.

  2. Yup too suspicious, convenient, etc..


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