Tuesday, October 17, 2023

The CIA, ISIS and the IDF stand down order

Update: The video of Kim Jong Un endorsing Donald Trump is completely fake. The words he's speaking are not what the English translation claims it is. Not even close. He doesn't even mention Donald Trump or the war in Gaza. I showed it to someone who speaks Korean.

OK let's connect the dots and do the math. The CIA created ISIS. We now know that to be true. Dan Dicks was going over declassified documents which confirm it. Tulsi Gabbard visited Syria. She stated "Syrians ask me, 'Why is the United States providing support & arms to terrorist groups like ISIS who are raping, kidnapping, torturing, & killing the Syrian people when it was Al-Qaeda who attacked the United States on 9/11, not Syria. I didn't have an answer.'" We now know the answer. The CIA created ISIS to drag the US into the Syrian pipleline war.

Knowing that the CIA created ISIS and approved the visas for the 9/11 bombers means we have to now question their involvement in Hamas but it also means we have to reflect on the simple fact that the CIA did in reality create ISIS. The CIA need to be charged with those crimes.

It wasn't an indirect act through their unlawful invasion of Iraq based on a lie, it was a direst act. One of the first people ISIS was alleged to have beheaded was a Mossad agent. Yet there is a significant difference between the world's response to ISIS compared with their response to Hamas. As soon as ISIS stepped onto the field they were brutal and extreme. So much so, both sides in the Syrian pipeline dispute said it wasn't us and both sides claimed to be fighting ISIS. So first off, ISIS didn't start off good then go rogue. ISIS started out insanely extreme. The CIA did that to shock people to provoke a reaction justifying their desired solution.

The American's weren't bombing ISIS in Syria, they were bombing Assad supporters. When the fake news said Donald Trump kept his promise and was bombing the sh*t out of ISIS, they lied. He wasn't. His troops were bombing the sh*t out of Assad supporters and told him they were bombing ISIS. Remember, the fake news is fake. Blind obedience to anyone is blind.

When Hamas were accused of raping women and beheading babies, the leaders of Hamas didn't deny or denounce that. They defiantly justified it just as the Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority did. That is very concerning. Blind obedience to atrocities is not good. The end does not justify the means. In WHF's comical sketch she illustrated just how crazy the three main extreme positions on the Israeli conflict really are. The next thing we need to look at is the IDF's stand down order during the Hamas attack. That is the elephant in the room.

Did the CIA create ISIS? Yes. Did the CIA create Hamas? Perhaps. Was the IDF given a stand down order during the Hamas attack? Perhaps. If they were, we need to examine that and charge whoever gave that order. It's like the attack on the USS Liberty under President Johnston's orders. At first they lied and said it was a mistake. It was not.

One of the Israeli pilots said it was a marked vessel bearing an American flag. When he was given the order to fire on the vessel he refused and said that's an ally. He wasn't told why, he was simply told if he didn't obey that order he would be court martialed when he got back.

We now know the attack on the USS Liberty was a false Flag ordered by President Johnson who recalled the air support for the American vessel while it was under attack. Likewise, if the IDF was given a stand down order during the Hamas attack, that wouldn't represent complacency, that would represent culpability. We need to investigate who gave that order just like we need to investigate who gave the order to fire on the USS Liberty. All the PLO groups agreed to the Oslo accord except for Hamas. Just like all the IRA groups agreed to the good Friday accord except for a small splinter group. Hamas is bad but so is the CIA and so is whoever gave the IDF stand down order. We can't confront one without confronting the other.

Having said that, I don't know if the translation is true but someone sent me a link to a twitter post of the President of North Korea endorsing Donald Trump for president. Obviously the Neo Cons will use it to defame Trump. However, it shows us that some of our "enemies" have a brain and aren't blind. Yet Donald Trump is indeed capable of being deceived by the CIA's lies.

It also shows that there is merit in the prophecy that said the truth will one day be declared in every nation including North America. The truth will be declared but so will the lies.

I believe that the truth in the west is under attack because the east is opening up to it. I know someone who visited Vietnam. They sent me a picture of a building lit up at night with a cross on it. They also said they saw Flaun gong practitioners meditating in a park. So Christians can go to church and the Falun gong can practice their religion in Vietnam? That is very interesting. China's new Constitution now recognizes five oficial religions. That's progress we should recognize.


  1. So far ... the following groups say they warned the israeli's about the impending attacks just days prior to latest Gaza episode .....

    * The Egyptians pre-warned .....

    * The Americans pre-warned .....

    Nuttin-Yahoo let it happen for multiple reasons ... which means he sacrificed hundreds of his own citizens for his own selfish agenda.

  2. Christians in Vietnam is not new. The Catholic Church has 4 cathedrals in that country, but the one you are talking about is probably either the one in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) or the one in Hanoi. The Vietnamese aren't the Chinese and in fact the Chinese and the Vietnamese are historical enemies. The Vietnamese don't care what religion you are, it's the Chinese, who persecute not only Falun Gong but also Catholics. The approved State religion is the Chinese Communist Party.


    1. I realize the Vietnamese and the Chinese have past history. I am told that Cantonese is similar to the Vietnamese language and that the Vietnamese used to live in southern China until they were driven south. My point is some forms of Communism are allowing civil liberty and religious freedom. That means the prophecy could be fulfilled and that we are on our way. However, the CIA is trying to derail that peace process just like they are everywhere else. Even China's amended Constitution is a huge step forward we should recognize.

  3. Speaking of orders to stand down.
    The one on 9/11 sure made this guy a ton of money.
    A very close friend of Netanyahu.


    1. On that lucky investment... Before 9/11 the Port Authority of New York sued the insurance companies to have them pay for asbestos removal but their application failed. After they were unable to have the insurance companies pay for the asbestos removal the Port Authority applied for a permit to demolish the Twin towers because they were half full of asbestos. They were denied the permit because of the asbestos.

      So the question is, why would Larry Silverstein buy two towers knowing they were half full of asbestos and they were not allowed to demolish the buildings? Insuring them specifically for terrorist attacks was one thing but buying two towers full of asbestos would normally be considered a bad investment.

      However, when Larry Silverstein sued the insurance company he was paid out twice - DOUBLE the replacement value of the towers because two planes hit the towers. That's like getting paid twice the value of your car because it was in a three car collision. Larry Silverstein made a fortune on 9/11.

  4. His "we made the decision to pull the building " comments on building 7 are as incriminating as fck as well.
    All on youtube.

    He is an insider of the highest order.


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