Sunday, October 15, 2023

WHF on the Gaza Conflict

I don't want to joke about a serious conflict but this chick is funny as f*ck. The more I watch the mainstream media about the Gaza conflict the more I find things that fail the test of believability. One thing I do know is that the CIA is evil and that dirty a*s spook is evil. He is a lying POS.

When I mentioned Dan Dicks video going over declassified documents showing that the CIA created ISIS someone said just because the CIA created ISIS doesn't mean they control them and that they can't go rogue. God damn you. Take your offensive bullsh*t and cram it up your a*s. I still say Hamas AND the CIA have BOTH got to go. Same with Blackwater and Erik Prince.

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  1. You’re right, she’s hilarious while making her points. Too funny, watch her other stuff too.


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