Sunday, October 22, 2023

Hells Angels got rid of bodies at Fresno funeral home

SF Gate is reporting that "Four missing California Hells Angels were clandestinely cremated in a Fresno funeral home, federal prosecutors claimed last week. The straight-from-Hollywood allegations were made in a sentencing memorandum filed Oct. 12 to the San Francisco division of the U.S. District Court."

"The U.S. District Attorney’s Office filing was first reported by the Mercury News. The claims revolve primarily around the Sonoma and Fresno chapters of the Hells Angels. Prosecutors say that in 2014, three Hells Angels living in Santa Rosa and Tulare believed fellow member Joel Silva was creating problems for the Sonoma County chapter and that he had to be killed. They arranged for Silva to visit the Fresno Hells Angels clubhouse where he was shot in the head, prosecutors say. His body has never been found." Sounds a lot like the Devils Rejects.

"As part of the investigation into Silva’s death and subsequent cover-up, federal investigators came to believe that Fresno Hells Angel Merl Frederick Hefferman, 54, was involved in arranging a secret cremation. Levi Phipps, a manager at the Yost and Webb funeral home in Fresno, testified that in the leadup to Silva’s death, Hefferman asked for keys to the funeral home and spoke of a fascination with the crematory and a desire to make something disappear.”

"On the day after Silva’s disappearance, Phipps said, Hefferman told him to be at the crematory in the morning; two men arrived and loaded Silva’s body into an incinerator, Phipps testified. Prosecutors say phone records line up with Phipps’ testimony."

"Prosecutors say three more missing men may have been disposed of in the Fresno crematory. They say the next man to disappear was Robbie Huff, who was last seen in 2015, followed by Art Carasis, a Bay Area man who went missing in July 2016. A fourth man was not identified in the sentencing memo, but all three are believed to have been affiliated with the Hells Angels."

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