Saturday, October 28, 2023

Jupiter beside Full moon tonight

Tonight there was an awesome orange sunset then on the opposite side of the sky you could see a bright full harvest moon just above the horizon. Now you can see Jupiter right beside the full moon higher up in the sky. Nice. Venus is still high and bright in the morning before sunrise.

Yesterday when I was at the grocery store I noticed a lot of younger girls starting to wear hijabs. It's not a sign of repression, it's a coming of age. Young girls growing up becoming women and choosing to walk in their faith. It's refreshing to see. Then at the check out I saw a white guy with a black hoodie that said "Tips for a great hand job. Put it in your mouth." Then below it it said A*sholes live forever. That was totally inappropriate. That guy is an a*shole. He is Surrey trash.

I'll trade these Muslim immigrants for trash like that in a heartbeat. Just like the new addictions centre on the corner filled with white crystal meth addicts lighting up crystal meth pipes stealing things turning the neighborhood into a sh*t hole. Let's get rid of them and replace them with the Muslims who choose to live their faith. That's progress.

I'm not Bahai, I'm an Omnist in a sense. I don't believe all religions are true but I respect all religions. I recognize all religions have truth in them. I don't believe all roads lead to heaven and that God is the author of confusion. I simply believe there is good and bad in every person and in every organization. I support the freedom of religion and oppose the adoption of a state religion. Right now there's a war on morality and you don't need a religion to see that.

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