Saturday, October 7, 2023

The invasiveness of the CIA

OK it looks like we need to have this conversation before we move on. There appears to be a misconception about what the CIA is and what it does. The CIA isn't some fictional fantasy from a James Bond movie. The CIA is very real. John Brennan is an actual person who does in fact exist and is a died in the wool a**hole. Before he joined the CIA he voted Communism. That fact didn't disqualify him from joining the CIA. It helped him become Director.

John Brennan is very political. He is obsessively anti Trump and very much pro Biden. He represents the CIA's position on the matter. After all Joe Biden was close with William Casey, the author of the October surprise. Remember the CIA are experts at lying and at infiltration. They obsessively strive to infiltrate any and every resistance movement including the republican party.

We know during the ANTIFA riots George Soros paid protesters to instigate violence. During the Convoy we know they sent in plants with Nazi flags and the convoy told them to leave. On January 6th the FBI had plants they put there to create violence. Just because a protester is indirectly funded by George Soros doesn't mean that instigator is a George Soros agent. Likewise the CIA pay protesters to instigate violence all over the world. Just because the CIA pays someone to instigate violence doesn't mean they are a CIA agent. They could use anyone.

Likewise, it is well within the realm of believability that the CIA would try to infiltrate this blog and lead it astray like they do everything else. Blaze recently named our spook and said he's not a spook, he's a mall cop. That's not true. Mall cops love the police. They are wannabe cops. Our spook hates cops. He is a private military contractor that was in Iraq.

At that time he took assignments for the CIA. He wasn't a CIA agent per say, he was simply a Blackwater mercenary who worked for the CIA. Any private military contractor who makes a six figure income is not a soldier serving his country. He's a mercenary serving his wallet. Our spook spins for the CIA because that's who pays him and gives him assignments.

Our spook pretended to support Donald Trump but passionately supported the Nazis bombing the Donbas in the Ukraine. That's because he's a mercenary not a soldier and that's what mercenaries do. They support whatever position they are paid to support. Morality has nothing to do with it. The CIA try to infiltrate everything. They are the Octopus Danny Casolaro named who are the driving force behind organized crime whose tentacles penetrate all levels of government. They are the secret combination of gadianton robbers the prophets warned us about.

QAnon was CIA. They were mislead just like the protesters in Brazil were. Where do you think all these top level security clearances come from? It comes from the CIA. The CIA paid for those ads on Ruble promoting the QAnon hillbilly false prophet that would interpret Q drops and get millions of views from bots. They promoted the flat earth theory to discredit them just like they promote violence so they can then denounce them. Hence January 6th and Air India.

There is no question about the flat earth theory. It is wrong. There is no doubt, no hesitation, equivocation or reservation of any kind. Our flat earther called me a NASA whore. That is ridiculous. Some conspiracy theorists think the moon landing was faked. I do not. However, the flat earthers think every single NASA mission was fake. That is mental.

We see rockets leave the earth's atmosphere. We saw the heat shield on the manned capsule heat up after it returned to earth. We see the space shuttle leave the atmosphere and return to earth. We see satellites orbit the earth. All the space probes and NASA missions aren't fake. Satellites aren't fake. Elon Musk's Starlink satellites are not fake. We can see them. Elon Musk's space probes are not fake. We can see pictures and videos of the earth from space.

Satan will tell you nine truths to get you hooked on one lie. The CIA pay for flat earth ads on rumble for their QAnon false prophet so no one will take them seriously. As soon as someone starts talking about a flat earth any rational being will then block out anything and everything else that person has to say. That is why I don't entertain that discussion. Flat earthers are like Sovereign citizens. They just like to argue. When the Bible mentions the four corners of the earth that doesn't not mean the earth is flat. That is a ridiculous misinterpretation of that allegorical scripture. The Flat earth theory is a bad religion. I will move past it and leave that behind.


  1. Casey was close with Regan as well. They play both sides. You could say they are their own side.

    1. More importantly Casey was closed with George Bush Sr. who were most likely responsible for the assassination attempt on Reagan.

  2. Dyed in the wool asshole. Great expression. I like it.

    1. Died in the wool is a term usually referring to Communists. In John Brennan's case he's both



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