Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Fundraising Fraud in times of War

I know I'm going to get into trouble for this but I have to call it the way I see it. I will once again stand alone and call out both sides for their abominations. The Israeli soldier who posted that video on Tik Tok stating why he believed the Hamas attack and hostage taking was an inside job is not the only Jewish person that feels that way. I posted a link to a video of Jews in Israel blowing the whistle on the IDF Stand Down order during the Hamas attack.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to do the math. In and out seven hours with no IDF resistance? There had to have been a stand down order. That is the only explanation. Roseanne Barr also feels that way. I didn't realize she's Jewish and has family in Israel. I knew she was Ukrainian and said the Ukrainian Nazis brutalized her Grandparents. I guess that's why.

Roseanne Barr said we recognize the enemy from outside but we also have an enemy from within. Why aren't we allowed to talk about that? It's obvious and we need to talk about it.

Before I continue I want to stop and say that I love Rebel News. That independent news outlet has been a godsend during Covid misinformation. I have a huge respect for Ezra Levant. He is smart, courageous and honest. He's also Jewish which is completely irrelevant. Nevertheless, when I started looking for non biased information about the war in Gaza, Ezra is defiantly going to have his own personal bias and he's allowed to. We all have a right to our opinions.

Avi is a good guy. He's the tenacious Rebel News reporter from Australia. Avi can be a bit of a dick sometimes and I don't mean that it a bad way. During the Covid coverage he could be a bit argumentative sometimes but when you're dealing with ANTIFA and lockdowns you need that. He is also Jewish. No doubt the war in Gaza moves him personally. That's kinda why I didn't think I would be able to hear the other side of the story from him.

Before I explain where I'm going with this I would like to point our a simple but relevant observation. Remember how over the last three years the mainstream media has been lost in space and has completely lost consumer confidence? We saw how the media maliciously misrepresented the convoy, lockdowns, Adverse reactions to Rna Covid vaccines, the whole nine yards. The CNN fake news plague has infected the entire mainstream media.

As a result, whenever the mainstream media bombards us with a narrative we are forced to instinctively question it because everything the mainstream media does has an agenda behind it and for the most part all roads lead to the WEF and the UN's New World Order.

So we are faced with a few questions. We all know why the mainstream media has embraced the false narrative behind the war in the Ukraine and 9/11 but why have they chosen to support this suspicious conflict in Gaza? What is their motive and their agenda especially when they tie financial support for Israel with financial support of the Ukraine.

I'll tell you why - because some Jews are Communists just like some Americans are. They embrace the WEF's twisted brand of get rich quick from the tax payers pocket elitist Communism. Their end game is to use this suspicious attack to turn Palestinians AND Jews into slaves. That was the purpose of 9/11 and the unpatriot act.

Another anomaly I find is the fact that all of a sudden Rebel News' coverage of the war in Gaza sounds very mainstream. I find that rather odd. Now for the kicker. Take this screenshot from one of Avi's recent videos. 7,000 civilian volunteers medical aid Israel War.
I don't want to be rude or disrespectful but from where I stand that looks straight up satanic. The carnage that occurred during the 7 hour stand down was abominable. I do not support that and denounce anyone who does. However, Israel is kicking their a*s. They are bombing the sh*t out of them and many civilians are left desolate. Now that's kind of what happens when you declare war on someone but there are many things about this conflict that are highly suspicious.

Yet the obvious fact remains is that Gaza is getting the sh*t kicked out of them. Israel has the Iron Dome. Nothing's getting through and if something is getting through now, that is also suspicious because they're running out of rockets. They can't keep up the fast barrages they were trying in the beginning. I saw one video of lasers shooting down rockets. That's pretty high tech. Compare that with the devastation in Gaza. Are any of those volunteers going to help civilians in Gaza?
Take a look at some of the pictures the photojournalist in Gaza took before they killed him. It's time to turn the water back on. I am not condoning what Hamas did but I am calling for mercy for the Palestinians living in Gaza. If you want to donate, give it to the Red Cross or the Red Crescent. Don't give it to a fake agency so it can end up in some rich globalists' pocket.

OK so now let's talk about fraud. Previously I wrote about that female Israeli soldier living in White Rock who they claimed had been kidnapped by ISIS. Turns out she wasn't kidnapped, she was alive and well. Turns out she had been previously convicted of fraud ripping off senior citizens. It doesn't mean all Jews are going to rip off senior citizens any more than all white people are going to sell drugs and kill rivals just because a couple of local crackers get busted. It simply means there is good and bad in every community and we have to be consistently vigilant in identifying fraud because there's a lot of banking fraud that goes on here and in Israel.

Speaking of fraud, let's talk about Early Brian and the CIA. He was a CIA agent that embezzled $50 million from Nesbitt Thompson’s clients and went to jail for fraud. He was released from prison in 2002. I wrote about the shell companies he used because I was able to interview someone who worked with him at the time at Nesbitt Thompson.

The CIA embezzled $50 Million from Canadian investors to bribe the Iranian hostage takers to not release the hostages until after the election to help Reagan get elected. It was called the October Surprise. They wanted Reagan to get elected because George Bush Senior was his VP. George Bush Senior was the one that got the CIA addicted to drug trafficking in Vietnam. He was also tied to Iran Contra. The person I interviewed who explained the dynamics behind the Nesbitt Thompson fraud said he had no idea at the time some of the people he was working with and playing golf with were actually Mosaad agents.

Mosaad was also involved with Operation Watch Tower. This article on Earl Brian mentions Ben-Menashe who was accused in the Nesbitt Thompson fraud but never charged. He was an Israeli arms dealer tied to Mosaad and Iran contra. Now he's under investigation for tax evasion.

Is Ezra Levant a Mossad agent? I don't think so and I'll tell you why. Ezra Levant and Ben Shapiro oppose the World Economic Forum while the CIA floods the fake news with WEF propaganda. Mosaad and the CIA are joined at the hip. Does that mean there might be some good in Mosaad? Perhaps. There is good and bad in everything and in everyone. However the CIA is so far gone it's beyond hope. A bitter tree cannot bring forth good fruit.

Welcome to the Real World Order where all the secret works of darkness shall be brought to light.

Just to clarify, I'm not pulling a Chris Sky and am claiming Rebel News is fake news because they're not. Rebel News is an invaluable resources in the fight against misinformation in the mainstream media. While Ezra and Avi have been reporting on the war in Gaza, Rebel news has continued to hammer it home about local issues like the sexualization of kids in school. The fake news uses war and manufactured emergencies to distract us from what they are doing here at home. Rebel News is not. All I'm saying is Ezra and Avi have a bias and it shows.

For example, will Rebel News or True North admit 9/11 was an inside job? I don't think so and that's kind of a big deal. Will we see the Gary Webb story on Rebel News or True North? I don't think so and likewise that's a pretty big deal. Jeremy Renner made a movie about it. The CIA has a long documented connection to drug trafficking and we need to talk about it. So this simply means some things we can get from Rebel news but some things we can't.

Chis Sky on the other hand is a racist and an antisemite. Chris Sky has said some horrible things about black people. Rebel News asked him about the mainstream media's claims about him being a holocaust denier and he started going off about Rebel News Fake news. David Menzies was like dude, I'm giving you a chance to tell your side of the story. Then Chris Sky basically admitted that he was a holocaust denier. There are two sides to every story but there are a lot of different forces trying to pull us every which way but loose.

Some people we going off about Zionists. Bob Marley was a Zionist and so am I but it has nothing to do with Israel. Zion is a biblical term. It was also used in the Matrix. Zion simply means the pure in heart. If you are a Zionist that simply means you aspire to something higher. Forced evacuations is not Zionism. The Oasis of Peace is Zionism. The city of Enoch was Zionism and that predates Judaism by over 500 years. 9/11 was an inside job. All Americans weren't to blame for that. Israel has the same problems with political corruption as we do.


  1. What was old is new again.


  2. Nice article once again. All war does is hurt us pheasants and make the elites rich. Emagine what this world would be like if all that money wasn't spent in war but spent on the people or infrastructure, or even on colonization of mars... This 🤡 world is run by elites and will be, until we all unite against them and resist.

    1. I don't think Iran was supplying Hamas. Even Fox Fake News admitted that Iran and Gaza are two different branches of Islam that don't normally get along. Iran are Persians Hamas are Arabs. The long range missiles are made in China. The CIA brought them in through Qatar. The weapons Hamas used in the unresisted attack were American.

  3. Hey Dennis
    Any chance of reaching out to Naomi Wolf to do an interview on your vlog?
    She has some interesting views.

    1. That's a good idea. I've heard of her but don't know too much about her. I'll have to look into it. Usually the really big names aren't interested because I'm low level. I have a bill 36 interview coming up in November and I'm trying to pin down two motorcyclists who traveled the world and wrote books about it. I know that kind of thing doesn't get a lot of views but I'm more interested in putting out things I can be proud of that are positive. I don't want to do the Dire Straits Dirty Laundry all the time. However, Naomi Wolf seems to have some important things to say.

    2. Naomi Wolf was a Clinton hack for years.....then she woke up to truth and has been a freedom fighter ever since.

      Redemption is a real life thing!

  4. The CIA was involved in drug trafficking long before Vietnam.


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