Friday, October 6, 2023

The Cameron Ortis set up has been revealed

CBC is reporting that Cameron Ortis was in court recently and they also revealed the root of the false allegations against him. Their star witness is Vincent Ramos. The CIA claim he was willing to sell a known criminal information. The problem is, the known criminal was an RCMP agent. He ran encrypted Blackberries for gang members and was caught so they forced him to work for them so they could monitor gang member's secret messages. This whole case is a dirty fraud.

I know this because it tied in with the Larry Amero case. Even before the Montreal police seized Larry's blackberry the police had incriminating texts from him implicating him on several local murders because Larry was using one of Vincent Ramos' encrypted Blackberries after Ramos was caught and was forced to start working for the police.

Only the CIA pulled the plug on that bust just like they pulled the plug on the Blandon bust in LA. Instead of charging Larry Amero, they charged their own agent instead. I kid you not. Cameron Ortis probably said WTF and they said STFU or we'll charge you. So they did.

It wasn't until after they convicted Ramos that the Montreal police seized Larry's phone and asked the CFSEU here can you guys crack this? They were like ah yeah we can. So they did and those texts were finally presented in Larry's recent trial. The CIA were directly involved in the set up of Cameron Ortis from day one. Brad Johnson lied so they changed their story and made up new allegations using a police agent. Of course he had been dealing with a police agent. Ramos was a police agent for f*ck's sake. As I said before, Cameron Ortis is innocent.

They set up William Majcher and Kenneth Marsh as well. Dirty deeds done dirt cheap.

The arrest of former RCMP Money laundering investigator. The CIA defaming good men.
William Majcher and Kenneth Marsh were expert money laundering investigators. Bill Majcher took down a lawyer tied to the Haney Hells Angels. The government of China hired them to find out who was stealing from them. There is nothing unlawful or unpatriotic about that. When they found out it was the CIA stealing from them, the CIA set them up of false charges.

The CIA are directly involved with these false charges. Brad Johnson initially said Cameron Ortis was accused of selling secrets to China. That was an obvious lie so they changed their story and made up new allegations using a police agent offering him a get out of jail free card to testify. These three cases show us how directly involved the CIA is with our politics and our organized crime. Why do you think the fake news is pushing this ridiculous narrative? Because it's fake.

Turns out there has been a new twist. The CIA has completely changed the allegations yet again for a third time. At first they said he wanted to sell secrets to China. Then they said he wanted to sell secrets to a police agent. Now they're claiming he wanted to sell secrets to al-Qaeda and the Taliban according to the US State Department. STFU. That is ridiculous. They're sure scraping the bottom of the barrel for new ideas. This is worse than a Donald Trump witch hunt. One of the ways you can tell someone is lying is if they keep changing their story.

"Ortis's lawyers have not presented their case but have signaled they will argue he acted with authorization." He was investigating Khanani for f*ck sakes. You snakes are pathetic.

"One of the RCMP reports presented in court said FINTRAC, Canada's financial transactions intelligence agency, flagged more than $3.5 billion in financial transactions from one company to the RCMP." Gee, maybe that's what Ortis was concerned with and was investigating.


  1. The initial charges came from Brad Johnson who is retired CIA. The new and improved charges came from the US State Department.

  2. Same thing these days.

  3. You hang out with dogs and you wind up with fleas, upper level RCMP are assholes.


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