Monday, October 2, 2023

Maple Ridge Hells Angel pleads guilty to drug trafficking

Vancouver is Awesome is reporting that "Four men — and one Hells Angel — have now pleaded guilty to multiple drug trafficking and conspiracy charges for offences said to have taken place in Vancouver, Maple Ridge and Vernon between September 2020 and July 2021."

"Police seized two kilograms of cocaine, one kilogram of MDMA, one kilogram of fentanyl and 200 grams of ketamine. Lafreniere, a full-patch Hells Angels member, pleaded guilty to possession of the proceeds of crime before Vancouver Provincial Court Judge Laura Bakan Sept. 27. CFSEU-BC said Laferniere is a member of the club's Haney chapter."

"Jonathan Louis Lutar was charged with being part of a criminal organization that included Allan Beatima Arcangel, Matthew Shaw David Oppenheim and others. Court documents alleged Lutar instructed people to engage in drug trafficking for the benefit of the organization."

Jonathan Lutar is also a full patch member of the Haney chapter so that's two Hells Angels from that chapter who have plead guilty. In May of this year Sean Oliver Kendall of the Nanaimo chapter plead guilty to cociane traficking. Vincenzo Sansalone of the Haney chapter, pleaded guilty to trafficking before that. Guys like WTF? Get your sh*t together.

Vincenzo Sansalone's co accused was Daniel James Alexander. That was a cross border drug ring that extended into Seattle and San Diego. Yo man get a real job. This is becoming excessive.

Chad Wilson had ties to San Diego before they killed him. So did Troy Scholder.

OK so let's talk about this. A lot has change since I first started this blog 14 years ago. Back then the Hells Angles in BC were untouchable. Now they have so many drug trafficking convictions they risk losing the rest of their clubhouses. I guess there's two things we need to talk about. The criminal organization status of the Hells Angels and the future direction of this blog.

I don't care about the Hells Angels any more. As long as they stay out of my crib, their business is none of my business. I don't sell drugs or use drugs so it really doesn't affect me. The real problem is the politicians. That is something we can deal with.

If the Hells Angels shoot a rival drug dealer, that doesn't affect me at all but when Justin Trudeau takes away our freedom, that effects all of us. Justin Trudeau promotes drugs abuse and violent crime because he has an agenda. The fact that the police are making these arrests and getting convictions means they're doing their job. They're makiing progress

Haney need to be really careful now or they will lose their clubhouse. Either way that has nothing to do with me. It's simply a consequence they're going to have to face. Mind how ya go.


  1. Time to face the fact that the HA is a criminal organization instead of pretending otherwise.

    1. I'm going to add to the blog post but to your point, are the Hells Angels a criminal organization or are they as Kerri Krysko once said an organizations of criminals? Many members are criminals but many members aren't. However, since any activity done in the name of the club has to be approved by the local executive, Haney is clearly at risk of losing their clubhouse to the proceeds of crime just like some of the others have.

    2. Love watching you shill for the Hells Angels Dennis. It proves what a complete dementia patient you are. Your entire worldview has changed 180 in the past 3 years. Brainwashed senile old fool who can't handle online media and believes everything he reads online

    3. Donnie McWhirter crying like a baby because I won't help him trash the Hells Angels.

  2. Just because a member doesn't have a criminal record does not mean that member is not a criminal. All that proves for certain is that he's never been caught. At the same time, being a member certainly is proof that he freely associates with criminals, and not lightweights either. "Birds of a feather flock together".

    1. I'm going to make one more blog post about this then move on as should you.


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