Sunday, October 1, 2023

Sky Chair on Cypress in the Fall

Today I hiked up Sky Chair on Cypress to see the Lions face to face. As I left Surrey on my motorcycle there were six or seven eagles soaring in a circle right above the onramp to the freeway. Shortly after that a young hawk flew right above my head as it crossed my path. It wasn't diving for my head like an owl did once before but it was in flight right above me. Kind of a poetic sight. The theme song for my road trip this summer was Roll me Away by Bob Seager.

There's a line about a hawk in flight that says " Stood alone on a mountain top Starin' out at the Great Divide I could go east, I could go west It was all up to me to decide Just then I saw a young hawk flyin' And my soul began to rise And pretty soon My heart was singin' Roll, roll me away."

It was a beautiful sunny day after a week of rain and you could see autumn blossom all around you. There was even some red maple leaves on the ground when I gassed up for the trip.

This is the view of Black mountain as I started to climb.
This is a peak at Bowen Island on the way up with the fall colors.
The path up continued to wind through the seasonal mosaic.
And there we were, face to face with the Lions.
I saw a few grouse on the way down. This is a video of the hike. Keep moving.

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