Monday, October 23, 2023

Israeli soldier thinks Hamas attack was an inside job

I was going to let this slide but since the video is being censored I will comment on it. It's a video of an Israeli soldier who has served on the Gaza border stating why he feels the Hamas attack and hostage taking was an inside job. When it first happened one commenter on my blog expressed similar concerns for similar reasons. I gave Israel the benefit of the doubt at first but now that I see how everything is unfolding I think the concerns have merit.

This is a soldier who has served on the Gaza border. It doesn't really start until 0:53 in the video for those of you who have a 30 second attention span. It was first posted on TikTok and reposted on Twitter. Before Elon Musk took over Twitter their partisan censorship was just as bad as Facebook and YouTube. The fake fact checkers are fake. After Elon Musk took over Twitter, free speech was reborn. However, Twitter has put a warning on this video stating that they have limited it's visibility because it may contain hateful content. Where have we heard that before?

Are they going to claim he's antisemitic? He's Jewish and wants to protect Jewish souls. There is absolutely nothing hateful in his video. They want to censor it because he raises valid concerns.

He talks about the Israeli surveillance capacities and capabilities. He says which is more frightening - to think the Hamas attack and hostage taking was an inside job or the IDF has become the most incompetent military force on earth? For me the light went on when they started saying Hamas was ISIS. We now know the CIA created ISIS.

The soldier states that he does not believe Hamas could have invaded undetected, wreck havoc for seven hours then return with hostages without meeting any resistance at all from the IDF. That statement is not hateful. It is logical. Censoring that statement is hateful.
Then we read the headline from the Hill which states "McConnell sides with Biden on bundling Ukraine, Israel aid: ‘I view it as all interconnected’" Oh the cunning plan of the evil one.

Mitch McConnell is not just a RINO, he's a Globalist. Mitch McConnell was in the book "Secret Empires: How the American Political Class Hides Corruption and Enriches Family and Friends."

Mitch McConnell is even less cognitive than Joe Biden. He was asked at a press conference if he was going to run again and he completely forgot what he was doing without answer the question. His aides had to escort him off stage. We know that the war in the Ukraine was provoked and the billions of tax dollars sent there aren't going where it's supposed to go. Millions were laundered through FTX back to Joe Biden's mid terms. This is organized crime at the highest level.

The soldier said why does Israel need American aid to invade Gaza? A few para gliders and a few guys in pickup trucks with AKs. In all honesty, those guys were probably Blackwater.


  1. Anyone with half a brain knows at minimum it was a stand down.

    1. Yeah, there's no way 7 hours in and out with no resistance.

  2. When they said it was their 9/11 they meant it

    1. Yeah that term is a red flag. Just like calling Hamas ISIS when the CIA created ISIS.

  3. Well, the Elite are on a TIME SCHEDULE, 2030 you'll own nothing and be happy. So they need too CREATE A WHOLE SHIT LOAD OF CHAOS IN THE MIDDLE EAST SO THEY CAN FINALLY IMPLEMENT ABSOLUTE CONTROL. SO, GIVE IRAN HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS, they will give it to HAMAS, ect. and now the party has begun. This im sure will lead too the end of Iranian regime.


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