Saturday, June 8, 2024

The CIA set up the CFO of Epoch Times

Meanwhile, back on the ranch, Fox News is reporting that "A Georgetown University professor who spent 12 years as a CIA intelligence analyst is warning that diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) efforts and the overall politicization of the intelligence community have become a "significant" problem and that he is confident those agencies will attempt to interfere with the 2024 election similar to their efforts in 2020."

"My guess is that the the proverbial deep state within the intelligence community will reemerge because presumably a Republican candidate will again be seen as a threat to the internal policies that many intelligence people like," Dr. John Gentry, author of the new book, "Neutering the CIA: Why US Intelligence Versus Trump Has Long-Term Consequences," told Fox News Digital.

OK this is the tip of the iceberg. Judicial Watch interviewed Dr. John Gentry about this. It's no secret that the CIA promoted Joe Biden over Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton over Donald Trump. It's no secret that the CIA rig election in foreign countries like Honduras while Mossad rig elections in Africa. QAnon was a CIA op designed to infiltrate Trump's support base and discredit it. John Brennan represents everything that's wrong with the CIA.

John Brennan voted Communism before he joined the CIA and still actively promotes Communism long after he left the CIA. The CIA are proud sponsors of the WEF and the UN's New World Order. That is the root of the concern. The CIA don't oppose Communism they endorse it. That leads us to the recent set up of the CFO of Epoch Times.

The New York Post is reporting that "The chief financial officer of the Epoch Times newspaper — a New York-based weekly critical of the Chinese government — has been charged by the feds with money laundering, according to US officials. Weidong “Bill” Guan — CFO for the news site that also distributes papers across the US, UK, France and Canada — is alleged to have laundered $67 million in the alleged scheme, according to a Monday indictment by the US Justice Department. Guan, a 61-year-old resident of Secaucus, NJ, used a cryptocurrency platform to buy up prepaid debit cards at a discount after they were loaded with money that was obtained from fraudulent unemployment insurance claims, court papers said.

That is bat sh*t crazy. Look at how the other fake news outlets are misrepresenting the story. MTN is reporting that "DOJ Says MAGA Favorite Epoch Times Is A Massive Money Laundering Scheme." The Defector is reporting that "Feds Accuse America’s Weirdest Media Company Of Being A Money-Laundering Front For The Falun Gong." What is Epoch Times crime? They support Donald Trump and they opposed Organ Harvesting in China.

Those two positions justify a mainstream defamation campaign and a CIA led sting operation. It is no secret the CIA has funded and has tried to influence the Epoch Times in it's anti China campaign. The problem is, Epoch Times supports Donald Trump and the CIA does not. That's why they set up this sting operation against the CFO.

The Falun Gong are honest, hard working people. They don't get involved in investment fraud but the CIA do. The CIA used investment fraud to raise money for Iran Contra. They still do. These allegations against the Epoch Times CFO don't sound like the Falun Gong. They sound like the CIA. The CIA has set him up to discredit their support for Donald Trump. "

In response to the CIA set up the Epoch Times states that "The Epoch Times was founded to counter the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) persecution of innocent people. The Epoch Times has a guiding principle that elevates integrity in its dealings above everything else. The company intends to and will fully cooperate with any investigation dealing with the allegations against Mr. Guan. In the interim, although Mr. Guan is innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, the company has suspended him until this matter is resolved."

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