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Rapper Young Thug's RICO trial in Atlanta

Update: Young Thug's lawyer files motion to remove judge from case, calls for mistrial

The judge they want to get rid of denied the motion but Atlanta News First is reporting that " The attorneys for rapper Yak Gotti, one of the defendants in the Young Thug trial, have filed a motion calling for a stay of all proceedings until the Georgia Supreme Court issues a recusal order for the judge overseeing the massive RICO trial. The motion was filed by Yak Gotti, a rapper signed to Young Thug’s record label, who is facing 12 counts, including murder, racketeering and street gang participation. At the center of the call to halt proceedings is alleged misconduct during a private meeting by Judge Ural Glanville related to witness Kenneth Copeland’s testimony. On Monday, Brian Steel, one of Young Thug’s attorneys, filed a motion to have Glanville removed from the case and for a mistrial to be declared — a motion Glanville denied."


Young thug is a US rapper facing RICO charges. Only some bizarre events in the trial clearly demonstrate judicial corruption. Moosejaw Today is reporting that " Georgia judge has ordered a lawyer for rapper Young Thug to spend the next 10 weekends in jail after finding him in contempt. Defense attorney Brian Steel represents the rapper, who is currently on trial in Atlanta on charges including violation of Georgia's anti-racketeering and gang laws. Fulton County Superior Court Chief Judge Ural Glanville on Monday ordered Steel jailed after the lawyer refused to tell him how he found out about a meeting between the judge, prosecutors and a prosecution witness."

Remember that. The lawyer refused to tell the judge how he found out about a secret meeting between the judge, prosecutors and a sworn prosecution witness during his testimony. The judge didn't deny the inappropriate meeting and what happened at that meeting he sent the lawyer to jail for refusing to tell him who told the lawyer about the shady meeting.

Atlanta New First is reporting that "Fulton County Superior Court Judge Ural Glanville ordered Brian Steel be held in the Fulton County Jail for no more than 20 days, consisting of every weekend for the next 10 weekends."

USA Today is reporting that "The Georgia Supreme Court granted an emergency motion for bond filed by Steel on Wednesday, per The Atlanta-Journal Constitution and The Washington Post. The appeal means he will no longer have to report to jail on Friday.​"

"We are thrilled that Brian will be home with his family for Father’s Day this weekend," Ashleigh Merchant, an attorney for Steel, told The Atlanta-Journal Constitution. "We appreciate how quickly and thoughtfully our appellate courts handled this unfortunate situation."

We need to examine what was discussed in the ex parte meeting between the judge, the witness and the prosecution. It is significant and demonstrates how shady the contempt charge was. Evidently the witness was going to testify to the fact that he was the killer of Donovan Thomas.

Synopsis of the judical cirus on Tik Tok

So is it possible to have someone who committed a murder to testify against someone who ordered the murder? It certainly is. The question is, did Young Thug order the murder or did he simply play a minor role in the murder if any at all.

In Quebec we've seen several hit men for the Hells Angels testify against the Hells Angels who ordered the murder. Yves “Apache” Trudeau, Stéphane Gagné, Aimé Simard and Danny Kane are a few. So why did they all roll? Well the Hells Angels have a reputation for rolling on the hit men they hire to commit murder.

In 1995 Bobby Moyes killed a police informant and his wife on Christmas Eve for the Hells Angels. Salvatore Ciancio asked Bobby Moyes to kill Eugene Uyeyama because Eugene was the police informant that busted Salvatore and Anthony Terezakis aka Big Tony for drug traficking. Salvatore ordered the hit but Salvatore and big Tony were drug traficking for the Hells Angels so the hit was for the Hells Angels. Bobby Moyes had an associate named Mike assist him.

Salvatore told Bobby Moyes to kill Mike after they had killed Eugene and his wife. Which he didn't do but shows you there's no loyalty among thieves. I'm not sure who Mike is but contract killer Mickie (Phil) Smith killed Paul Percy Soluk at a crack house in Surrey for the East Vancovuer Hells Angles in 1999. Yurik helped him chop up and dispose of the body. Smith said "Yurik's not an Angel but he works with the Angels."

Anyways, Salvatore telling Bobby Moyes to kill his co accused after they killed Eugene and his wife was a bit problematic. If you kill a hit man for the Hells Angels to keep him quiet, what's to stop them from killing you to keep you quiet? That's why Yves “Apache” Trudeau rolled on the club. The club tried to kill him in the Lennoxville massacre. Stéphane Gagné was the one who convicted Mom Boucher for ordering the murder of that prison guard.

My problem is that in BC IHIT and the CFSEU do the opposite. They have people like Damion Ryan in protective custody for rolling on the people he hired to commit murder. Damion tells the police who did it and has associates testify against them so the police get an arrest and he gets to keep selling drugs and ordering new murders. It's a shameful scam that needs to end.


  1. some of those american judges are a wonder to behold. Part of the problem is they are elected and the others appointed for life. At least in Canada we get to see the back end of some judges when they become 75.

    1. That is simply not true. Electing judges isn't the problem. That makes them accountable. If judges are elected, they don't have that position for life. In this case a bad judge is simply not reelected. In Canada judges have virtually no accountability. They have that position for life. That's what makes them so arrogant.

    2. It doesn't rly make them accountable though because nobody pays attention to the judges and voter turnout is nonexistent. People always blindly vote for the only one they recognize

    3. Voter turnout is always low especially for civic elections. Yet having a democratic system where you are allowed to vote is important.

  2. Don't they have to disclose all information?? , make you wounder how much actually info is held back in an attempt to get a guilt conviction on someone they do like.. .. Example Trump once again.

    1. The girl in the Tik Tok video lists some of the judges infractions. Another point is the fact that it was a sworn witness. Once a witness takes the stand and the court is recessed before their testimony is finished, they are not supposed to talk about their testimony.


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