Saturday, June 29, 2024

Honduras’s ex-president sentenced to 45 years for cocaine trafficking on behalf of the CIA

The Finantial Times is reporting that "Honduras’s former president Juan Orlando Hernández was handed a 45-year prison sentence on Wednesday for facilitating cocaine transit to the US, capping the swift prosecution of a former US ally and sending a warning to leaders across the region. Hernández, who led Honduras from 2014 until 2022, was convicted in a US federal court in Manhattan in March for his role in an armed conspiracy to move more than 400 tonnes of US-bound cocaine through the Central American country." This is a farce.

The CIA rigged the election for him. They were counting the ballots and his opponent was in the lead so they stopped counting the ballots. The army picked up all the ballots, moved them to a central location and the results mysteriously flipped. They started using live ammunition on protesters who then went to America for help. Trump said accept the results or we'll withdraw our aid. In exchange for supporting the voter fraud, Hernández supported Israel's bid to make Jerusalem the capital of Israel and move the embassies there.

Honduras has been a CIA hub for drug trafficking since Iran contra. Hilary Clinton supported a CIA coup in Honduras back in 2009 in support of a president supportive of CIA drug trafficking in Honduras. Right after the election fraud Hernández's brother was extradited for cocaine trafficking. Orlando Hernández gets 45 years. How much does the CIA get?

Honduras: A Narco-State Made in the United States

Honduran narcodictator convicted, but no accountability for the US role

Honduran President Hernandez was Washington's man, until he wasn't

"Prosecutors had sought a sentence of life in prison, plus 30 years." That is insane.

This guy was a piece of garbage but he was the CIA's garbage. They put him there because he did what they wanted. In Operation Watchtower, Colonel Noriega worked with the CIA and Mossad to overseas cocaine shipments form Colombia to Panama then on to the United States in military aircraft. Knowing that, the CIA put him in power than sent him to prison for doing what they wanted him to do. Just like Hernández. Once again the CIA finds a scape goat so they can continue to traffic drugs with impunity. Disban the CIA. That would greatly reduce terrorism and drug trafficking. The world would be a better replace without the CIA's foreign interference.

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