Sunday, June 2, 2024

Israelis continue to protest against Netanyahu

Israelis rightfully believe Netanyahu will torpedo a hostage deal to further his agenda. The problem is Benjamin Netanyahu is Hamas, Gill Rosenberg is Mossad. Globalism sucks.


  1. Hamas was created by Mossad just like ISIS and ISIS K was created by the CIA. What was the purpose of the hostage taking? Gaza is in ruins. The PLO agreed to the Oslo accord with Yitzhak Rabin. Netanyahu's supporters assassinated Yitzhak Rabin while Mossad created Hamas to push Fatah and the PLO out of Gaza. They created a monster to justify a genocide or as Netanyahu calls it, an excuse to invoke the law of the Amalekites. Unfortunately Hitler did the same thing. That too was based on lies and false flag attacks.

  2. Basicly netanyahu is the new Hitler. Geeze I though trump was.. Oh ya no wars under his watch. What a shitty time we are witnessing across the world atm. 🙏❤️✌️


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