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Benjamin Netanyahu is Hamas, Gill Rosenberg is Mossad

Update: Tal Hanan is Mossad as well as Gill Rosenberg.

Israeli firm meddled in more than 30 elections

Revealed: the hacking and disinformation team meddling in elections

Israeli Investment Fraud and Jamaican Scams

The lies never stop in the propaganda war on Gaza. They recently brought Dr Phil in to see the trauma Hamas inflicted on the kibbutzes near the border on October 7th. They keep replaying that same narrative despite the fact that rag tag attack couldn't have been possible unless Benjamin Netanyahu facilitated that attack. Everyone knows that the Gaza border is the most heavily monitored border in the world. He took the soldiers guarding the border off that watch.

Instead of talking about how Israel has repeatedly intentionally killed aid workers they keep replaying the 911 narrative. Instead of talking about Israel's unprecedented attack on civilians in Gaza starving them as they are pushed south against a closed border and driven into the sea, they perpetuate a propaganda war justifying atrocities. Remember Mossad and the CIA are drug dealers.The CIA created ISIS to drag the US into the rival pipeline war in Syria. Mossad created Hamas to justify obliterating the Oslo accord after the assassinated Yitzhak Rabin.

The PLO agreed to recognize Israel if Israel recognized Palestine. Mossad created Hamas to push Fatah out of Gaza and replace them with ISIS extremists. ISIS and ISIS K work for the CIA just like Hamas works for Mossad. Recently Mossad just put out a really offensive music video mocking the Hamas they created. They correctly pointed out that the leaders of Hamas are living large in Qatar while the people of Gaza starve. Why are they in Qatar?

They're in Qatar because Saudi works for the CIA. Saudi profits from the WEF oil monopoly. Qatar armed ISIS. Qatar armed Hamas. Qatar is where the rival pipeline through Syria is from. The people of Israel understand that if it wasn't for Netanyahu, there wouldn't be any hostages.

The people of Israel understand that Netanyahu refuses to negotiate a hostage release because he has an agenda. What the people of Israel don't understand is that Hamas works for Netanyahu. They will kill all the hostages to justify wiping Gaza off the map.

When Dr Phil is in Israel examining the damage Hamas did on October the 7th, show him the damage the IDF did on October 7th through friendly fire. Netanyahu took all the soldiers monitoring the border off that assignment to facilitate the attack. He also issued a stand down order. Yet the IDF was caught firing on Israelis on October 7th just like they fired on the USS Liberty. When they were caught they claimed they are firing on Hamas and some civilians were collateral damage. Yet that lie doesn't make sense.

If Israeli soldiers were firing on Hamas on October 7th, then they would have notified the rest of the army and there is no way that rag take group of operatives would have made it in and out with hostages. The whole thing was a set up just like the USS Liberty was.

Shielding US Public from Israeli Reports of “Friendly Fire” on October 7
Let's not forget about Gill Rosenberg, the Vancouver born female Israeli soldier who was falsely reported kidnapped by ISIS. Turned out she was alive and well with a history of fraud. The Times of Israel said she was a convicted grifter. "Before joining war against jihadist extremists, Canada-born Gill Rosenberg served 3 years in prison for cheating elderly out of their money."
"Rosenberg and the 11 other members of the ring — all Israeli nationals — were believed to have stolen up to $25 million, according to Channel 10." An investment fraud tied to 11 other Israeli nationals. Sounds like Mossad to me. She "had tried in vain to join the Mossad spy service."

The Jerusalem Post reported that "Just five months before she made headlines, Rosenberg says she was still living on house arrest with a Satmar rabbi in the hassidic village of Kiryas Joel, when a New York court sentenced her in July 2014 to time served for her role in a highly-sophisticated phone-based scam run out of “boiler rooms” in Israel that bilked hundreds of US senior citizens out of what investigators believe was more than $25 million, between 2005 and 2009."

"Before her house arrest, she’d spent more than four years in jail, while her co-defendants fought extradition back in Israel. A month after her court date in July 2014 she left the US for Israel, and touched down in Jerusalem, living with a friend and just hanging out.” "In Israel, she joined the IDF, serving as an instructor for Kenyan soldiers." Kenya was a Mossad op.

This brings us back to Fundraising fraud in times of war. The CIA and Mossad embezzled $50 million from Canadian investors for the October Surprise. The Dark Side of Mossad.


  1. In reading the articles you linked, it appears her IDF time was back when she first went to Israel in 2006, at the beginning of her story after she left Vancouver. Everything else comes later. The IDF uses females as Instructors simply because the male trainee's pay more attention.

    1. What'a your point? She's Mossad and she committed investment fraud for Mossad.


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