Saturday, May 18, 2024

Jessica Watson sailed around the world

I've been watching the Jessica Watson story on Netflix called True Spirit. She sailed solo around the world at the age of 16. It's very well done. In the top picture Jessica Watson is on the right and the girl on the left is the actress that played her in the movie.

I started watching it a long time ago but was just watching it in pieces because I found it difficult to watch. That was a pretty risky adventure. As a parent it's hard to watch. I kayak. I did a bit of sailing when I was young and loved it. I always thought when I retire I'd get a sailboat and do some sailing. Yet sailing around the world solo is totally beyond be.

It's like climbing mount Everest. I love hiking and snowshoeing but that kind of an expedition requiring oxygen is beyond me. The same with sailing around the world. If I was to do something like that I'd hugged the coastlines and load up a long the way for more supplies. What she did was astounding. Sailing across the open sea can be very risky during storms.

In the movie the Perfect Storm, a small boat faces the wave head on and gets flipped over. I'm not sure how you'd do that in a sailboat. There's a scene in the movie where her boat capsized in a storm and was 15 feet under water. Evidently that did happen. Jessica said in real life it was probably only a few seconds but seemed like eternity. She said there was actually 7 tip overs in that storm. I'm sure there are a lot of life lessons we can talk about here but I'll just recommend the movie and point you to her YouTube channel that has some actual video footage of her trip.

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