Monday, May 27, 2024

WEF: Why the Magnitsky Act is Bad

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out letting the government freeze your bank account or seize your property for any reason is a bad idea. It comes as no surprise to hear the justifications for the Magnitsky Act are lies. That's why we have due process. So the government can't freeze your bank account and steal your money without just cause. That's Communism.

When the war in the Ukraine started the fake news was all about seizing assets of Russian Oligarchs. Everyone as cheering and I was like WTF? It was punitive. No one was accused of any criminal activity. Their crime was they were wealthy and we were at war with the country they were from. That wasn't a slippery slope. That was bat sh*t crazy.

I was shocked and appalled when Switzerland join in and started seizing Russian assets. Nazis gassing Jews is OK but defending the Donbas from Nazi's bombs isn't. GMAFB. It comes as no surprise to see the World Economic Forum is the driving force behind this. They're the ones that want to seize everything until we own nothing. This new fraud is just a stepping stone to that end.

Let's not forget why Switzerland seized Russian assets. Davos is in Switzerland.

Canada starts process to seize assets of sanctioned Russian oligarch. You could be next.


  1. The Swiss aren't new at this. The rightful heirs of a lot of Jews who did not survive the war wound up being told "there was no record of any account of that name".

    1. That's a good example. Everyone cheers when it's Russia but what if the shoe was on the other foot. Letting the government seize bank accounts is a bad idea.


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