Saturday, May 4, 2024

The Political Assassinations of Ripudaman Malik and Hardeep Singh Nijjar

Update: Edmonton kids tied to Pakistan's ISIS? GMAFB

Three Edmonton men charged in Surrey Sikh murder

Every crime has a meand and a motive. Let's look at two political assassinations in Surrey and see what's really behind them. We all know the murder of Hardeep Singh Nijjar was a political assassination. He was a temple president supporting the upcoming Khalistan referendum. A few Punjabi kids from Edmonton were allegedly hired to kill him but who hired them?

What about Ripudaman Malik? Who hired those Punjabi kids to kill him? What was the motive? I interviewed several intelligent men outside the Sikh temple at Scottsdale Mall during the Khalistan referendum. At 45:26 I interviewed a director from Sikhs for Justice and asked him about Air India. He was very familiar with what happened and had obviously spent a lot of time studying it. Surprisingly, he had not heard that CSIS provided the explosives. That's a pretty big deal. Nevertheless, as soon as I mentioned Air India he went off about Ripudaman Malik. Ripudaman Malik was accused of financing the Air India bomb plot but was never convicted due to a lack of evidence. He was murdered long after a year before Hardeep Singh Nijjar.

The director from Sikhs for Justice said Ripudaman Malik visited India a couple years before he was murdered and had a meeting with Ajit Kumar Doval who is in charge on India's Intelligence Agency. Ripudaman and his brother go on National television and said we thank Doval, we had a meeting with him and he's a great guy. The director from Sikhs for Justice said that was suspicious. He said if you or I visit India it is highly unlikely we're going to get a sit down with the chief of India's Intelligence Agency. He had a good point.

Not only did Malik meet with the chief of India's Intelligence agency he also praised Modi before the election. Pretty suspicious for someone who was accused of planning a terrorist attack against the government of India. My point here is that the government of India did not kill Ripudaman Malik. They had no motive to do so. So who hired these kids to kill him and why?

India tried to blame Hardeep Singh Nijjar for Ripudaman Malik's murder and Hardeep said bullsh*t. The government of India tried to claim the two murders were tit for tat killings and I say bullsh*t. These two political assignations clearly look like an intelligence operation. The question is which intelligence agencies? India or the Five Eyes? Both are suspects.

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