Tuesday, May 7, 2024

CSIS promotes violence to justify a reaction

The Toronto Star is reporting that "The Israel-Hamas war has led to a spike in violent rhetoric from extremist actors that could prompt some in Canada to turn to violence, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service warns."

So does that mean CSIS and their new friends in the RCMP terrorist squad will launch another terrorist attack in Canada? Good thing you locked up Cameron Ortis so he couldn't warns us first. Remember the Surrey pressure cooker bomb plot they created?

Let's take a step back and think about this calmly and rationally. CSIS and the CIA promote extremism to justify a reaction. Right now these intelligence Agencies are off the hook with their latest campaign of bullsh*t. Let's start with the Spike in violent rhetoric since Oct. 7 attack from extremist actors claim. CSIS can barely contain their excitement.

CSIS provided the explosives for Air India. CSIS created the Heritage Front. CSIS and the CIA specialize in funding, arming and motivating violent extremists. So now that CSIS has taken centre stage we need to start playing whack a mole. Every time CSIS raises it's ugly little head we need to mention Surjan Singh Gill and Grant Bristow over and over again.
OK let's look at the first article. The picture is two groups of protesters squaring off in Ontario. One side is pro Israel the other side is pro Palestine. Both sides are missing the point. We're all being conned. The fake news is misrepresenting the conflict and polarizing it.

The fake news isn't showing us anything about the weekly mass protests in Israels of Jew calling for Benjamin Netanyahu to resign. The atrocities in Gaza are unprecedented. I can oppose the murder of aid workers and the starvation of civilians without being pro Hamas or anti Israel. I'm not pro Israel or pro Palestine. I'm pro ceasefire. I'm pro peace.

There is a reason the Fake News isn't showing us the weekly mass protests of Israeli Jews calling for Netanyahu to resign. Everyone in Israel knows the October 7th attack was orchestrated. Everyone in Israel knows the Oct 7th attack could not have happened if Netanyahu hadn't facilitated it. Everyone in Israel knows that because they all serve in the military and know the Gaza border is the most heavily monitored border in the world.

The fake news refuses to recognize Netanyahu's role in that attack. The fake news here refuses to show the documented concerns of IDF troops increasing casualties on Oct 7th through friendly fire. We need to talk about that and the fake news over here refuses to do so.

It's not about the Jews kicking the Palestinians out of Israel or the Palestinians kicking the Jews out of Israel. It's about supporting the Oslo accord and living together in Peace.

The fake news misrepresents the conflict to polarize it. The fake news doesn't want to find common ground and build bridges. They want to promote hate and intolerance so they can burn bridges. The fake news breeds extremists because they want extremists to rise so they can justify cracking down on them. CSIS and the CIA are a big part of that. They control the fake news.


  1. It should be pretty clear by now that Israel has no intention of stopping until they solve the Hamas problem permanently, regardless of what Joe Biden says. Israel will not do any ceasefire deal until Hamas produces the 33 hostages still missing, and for what should be obvious reasons, Hamas can't do that. Pregnant hostages make for bad optics.

    1. OMFG stop the Bullsh*t. No one drinks that Kool aid any more. There would be no hostages unless Netanyahu let them take hostages. Mossad created Hamas to push Fatah out of Gaza because Fatah signed the Oslo accord which Mossad and the people who killed Yitzhak Rabin opposed.

      The hardliners created this manufactured emergency to justify forcing all the Palestinians out of West Bank and Gaza. It is the epitome of greed. Netanyahu knows as soon as the war is over his political career comes to an end. Israel has an inherit right to some of the land in Israel but not all of the land. That new Port is not for humanitarian aid.

    2. Well, if we say that the whole thing is a conspiracy exactly as you have detailed (and I am not saying you are wrong, you have been right too often about crazy sounding shit that turned out to be true, probably right again this time, at least about their intent, we'll see if they pull it off....) it still doesn't change that Israel has no intention of stopping. Getting rid of all those pesky Palestinians AND opening up all that prime beachfront, offshore oil, new canal etc. at the same time, meh I wish I could say I was surprised but at this point, I'm not.

    3. Netanyahu has no intent on stopping but he is not Israel. Look at the mass protests in Israel demanding he resign. He provoked a conflict with Iran to justify banning the protests but that didn't even work. They're still protesting and our media still refuses to show it. Netanyahu won't stop because he knows as soon as he does his political career is over.

  2. They basically want the world to be one big jail. They want full control over every aspect of your daily life similar to being in a big open air prison. Rules so strict that one would barely notice a difference in freedom and a jail cell.

    1. Exactly. That's what CSIS and the CIA want so this facade about them opposing Communism is a lie. They are the Communists.

  3. None Dare Call It Conspiracy is a short must read!

    You will see how it's the same psychopaths always controlling and financing both sides of the conflict, and both sides of the political theater.

    Until society is able to wrap their minds around this evil gamesmanship nothing will get solved.

    So tell your friends, family and neighbors it's time to pull their head from the orifice!

    1. I highly recommend None Dare Call it Conspiracy. A patriot recommended that book and so do I. Secret combinations are not new. Befriending the Constitution is the key. The Constitution will hang by a thread but it will be preserved by inspired patriots and righteous men and women who love and cherish freedom.


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