Friday, May 3, 2024

Three Edmonton men charged in Surrey Sikh murder

Update: Edmonton kids tied to Pakistan's ISIS? GMAFB

The Political Assassinations of Ripudaman Malik and Hardeep Singh Nijjar

The Vernon Morning Star is reporting that "Three suspects from Edmonton have been arrested and charged in the killing of Hardeep Singh Nijjar in Surrey in June 2023. Karan Brar, 22; Kamalpreet Singh, 22; and Karanpreet Singh, 28, have all been charged with first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder in relation to the homicide."

The fact that they were from Edmonton is interesting. That young South Asian kid was recently charged with extorting South Asians in Edmonton. It also raises questions about Harpreet Uppal and his son Gavin's murdeer in Edmonton last year. However, that one was gang related.

This arrest relates to a lot of things and they are all very political. We are told all three suspects are Indian nationalists but the name Singh is specifically a Punjabi term not a Hindu term. Of course anyone can hire anyone to kill anyone since hitmen are mercenaries like Blackwater. They'll kill whoever they are paid to kill. The first anomaly I have is the simple fact that I don't know any Punjabis in Canada who do not support the Khalistan referendum.

The Edmonton connection is an anomaly. The Edmonton Hells Angels run the Brother's Keepers which is an IndoCanadain gang in Surrey. The Edmonton Hells Angels had to recruit local guys from Edmonton to kill Ali because the Brothers Keepers wouldn't do it. I don't think the Brothers Keepers would have killed Hardeep Singh Nijjar and I'm surprised any Punjabi kid would. I mean this goes back to the Sikh genocide in India. That was a big deal. It's like a Catholic kid over in Ireland killing a Catholice priest. That would be highly unlikely.

The narrative that we are being told is that these hitmen here hired by the government of India and or the Intelligence Agency of India which is entirely possible. They are no doubt the prime suspects. It's just that they aren't the only suspects. We all see this murder as a political assassination. That means we have to address a false flag attack in Hardeep Singh Nijjar's home town back in India. The government of India claims that Hardeep Singh Nijjar is a suspect in the murder of a Hindu priest back in India. I don't beleive Hardeep had anyhting to do with that.

That attack was too high profile. It was too suspicious. I believe it was a false flag attack and they chose to do it in his own home town to make him look bad. The fact that Justin Trudeau and CSIS see the murder of Hardeep Singh Nijjar as a political assassination we are force to conclude that they do not believe he was responsible for killing that Hindu priest in his home town. If he was not responsible then everyone's basically saying it was a false flag attack to make him look bad. Which is exactly what I believe it was.

Let's remember what's going on in India. The government is persecuting Sikhs as well as Muslims. They're tearing down mosques and ordering the police to use live ammunition on protesters. Modi's persecution of the State of Punjab has a lot to do with the global attack on farming. Their latest dirty trick is to cut off water for farming. Modi is a right wing globalist just like his pal Benjamin Netanyahu. The point is they are both globalists.
I'm not saying these kids didn't so it. I'm saying it's pretty f*cked up. They killed a Temple president. That means they have no self respect. They're just gang bangers who will kill anyone for a buck. There are a lot of Punjabi kids that go to my gym. They respect their elders and they respect their heritage. That other guy was a gang bangers but killing his kid was f*cked up. If these kids did that, then we can see how they wouldn't care about killing a Temple president.

It also reveals something. Someone hired gang bangers for a political assassination. Just like they hired gang bangers to kill Dave Hayer's father. The question is who. Did the government of India hire Punjabi kids for a political assassination? I don't think so. I think it was the Five Eyes. CSIS is kind of a useless version of the CIA. Their logo used to be a beaver in a trench coat.

I don't think CSIS hired them, I think the CIA did. CSIS had a role to play but hiring someone to kill someone is more something the CIA would do. After all, this Operation was tied to the US because US intelligence claimed it was linked to something going on there. I think CSIS pulled a Damion Ryan and rolled on the people they hired to get a bust and a bigger budget. As we speak CSIS is on a campaign for more money and more power.
Think about it. What was the motive for killing Dave Hayer's father? What did his affidavit say? The CBC reported that during the Air India trial the RCMP stated CSIS provided the explosives for the Air India attack. Tara Singh Hayer's affidavit confirmed that Surjan Singh Gill, the CSIS mole, was indeed the one that provided the explosives. If the CSIS mole had not done that, there would have been no attack. CSIS hired Hells Angels associates to blow him up.

Dave Hayer did not kill Ripudaman Malik. Neither did the governement of India. CSIS did.


  1. They are not from edmonton, they are international students from India

    1. They are from Edmonton. They've been here for over 3 years and they're Punjabi.


      "Police say the three suspects arrested in Nijjar’s killing, Karan Brar, Karanpreet Singh and Kamalpreet Singh are all male Indian nationals in their 20s living in Edmonton. Mooker said the men have been in Canada for three to five years as non-permanent residents but provided no other details on their immigration status."


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