Saturday, May 4, 2024

Edmonton kids tied to Pakistan's ISIS? GMAFB

Update: It looks like the government of India are the ones that made the ridiculous claim.

News 18 is reporting that "Accused In Nijjar’s Killing Involved In Drug Trade, Have Connections With Pakistan’s ISIS." That is ridiculous. They are Punjabi. They have no ties to Islam. They're just drug dealers who took a contract from the Five Eyes. The government of India wouldn't be pushing that ISIS K bullsh*t. Only the Five Eyes would. The CIA created Pakistan's ISIS.

Remember that fake selfie altered to look like the Paris suicide bomber? The kid took a selfie of him holding up his new Ipad and someone photo shopped it to make it look like he was holding up a Quran and wearing a suicide bomb vest. Sikhs are not Muslims. They lied. Again.
CBC reported that "A Spanish newspaper apologized Sunday after it printed the photo of a Canadian Sikh man, which had been altered and presented as the image of a person responsible for the deadly attacks in Paris on Friday. The image appeared to show Jubbal, who was not identified by name, wearing a suicide bomb vest and holding a Qur'an." Sikh are not Muslim. They don't use the Qur'an and they don't speak Arabic they speak Punjabi.

CBC claimed "the photo was eventually posted by an unofficial ISIS support group on the social media platform Telegram, the same platform that ISIS used to claim responsibility for the Paris attacks." Gee I wonder if that's the same ISIS support group CSIS was caught funding?

When my daughter was young she dated a Punjabi guy in Surrey. He told her, if my parents found out I was dating a white girl, they'd be pissed but if they found out I was dating a Muslim, they'd kill me. Literally. Now I'm sure he was half joking. We have heard about honor killings but those are pretty rare and extreme. My point is that there's not a lot of love between Muslims and Sikhs in India. Just like the current tension between Hindus and Sikhs in India.

That means this whole Five Eyes bullsh*t campaign claiming the Edmonton Punjabi kids were tied to Muslims in Pakistan is a lie. When we talk about rising above racism, people used to see someone wearing a turban and they'd sometimes call them a Hindu. I'd be like yo man, he's wearing a turban, he's not Hindu he's Sikh. They'd be like whatever. Stupid Paki. I'm like he's not from f*cking Pakistan. He's from the State of Punjab. They're completely different.

That Punjabi kid my daughter dated told her when he was young he and his father who was wearing a turban visited the US right after 9/11. Someone saw his father's turban, called him a terrorist, ripped off his turban and beat him up in front of his kid. It was pretty f*cked up. When you make statements like that you're just showing how uneducated you are. We're from here so we know the difference. Likewise the term Intelligence Agency is an oxymoron.

In the fake picture that was photo shopped the kid isn't wearing a full turban yet because he's too young. He's wearing a Punjabi dew rag which is common. They often wear that before they get the full turban. The fake news is going to say Punjabi, Pakistani whatever. They're both the same. No they're not. This is how you fact check their bullsh*t. Making that claim outed them. The government of India knows the difference. Pakistan has always had deep ties to the CIA.


  1. They tried to kick all muslims out of India 5 or 10 years ago, I remember it in the news, they were not well liked there

    1. That's the thing. We all strive to live together but Punjabis aren't all of a sudden going to become Muslim Terrorists. That narrative is a lie.


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