Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Gaza's new port for Natural gas and the new canal

Efrat Fenigson has put out an impressive Substack entitled Gaza's New "Temporary" Port. Cui Bono? Cui Bono is Latin and means who stands, or stood, to gain (from a crime, and so might have been responsible for it)? Efrat is a good person. She happens to be Jewish. She's smart too. She's a critical thinker who looks at the big picture and asks important questions.

Before I talk about some of the very important information she has shared I want to quickly answer some of her important questions she prefaced her Substack with in her Twitter post.

Israel and the United States have announced the construction of a new Port in Gaza for humanitarian aid. This is highly suspicious as though a manufactured emergency some how calls for the construction of a port that they want and need for other purposes. If they really did care about humanitarian aid all they have to do is stop killing aid workers and let the aid go through. They've created a manufactured emergency for a preplanned purpose.

So Efrat's question who stands to benefit has merit. The first question in her preface on Twitter asks "Was building a port + setting up a Palestinian state the goal all along, and they needed Oct. 7th and all the other horrific events to justify it to the Israeli public and the world?"

1) Was building a port the goal all along? Yes it was.

2) Was setting up a Palestinian state the goal all along? No it was not.

The Oslo accord set up a Palestinian state and created a landmark peace agreement. The purpose of the October 7th attack and the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin was to oppose the creation of a Palestinian state and sabotage the peace agreement.

Why was the creation of a Palestinian state necessary? Because Israel is a Jewish State. If you're not Jewish, you can't be a member of that State. Several years ago I met with Jewish and Palestinian representatives from the Oasis of Peace in Israel.

The Palestinian happened to be Muslim. He said at that time he was a man with out a passport. He was not a citizen of any country. That's because Israel is not a Free Republic that protects religious freedom by law, it is simply a Jewish State. Personally, I don't like State religions. However, as a foreigner it's not my place to tell anyone what kind of a country they should live in. That's their choice and if I'm visiting their country I am a guest in their home.

Everyone is pretty comfortable with Israel being a Jewish State but they're pretty uncomfortable with Iran being an Islamic State. That's a double standard. If you allow a Jewish State you have to allow an Islamic State. Saudi is an Islamic State. The Globalist's hate on Iran because of their oil. If Iran was allowed to sell it's oil that would break the Saudi monopoly and reduce the prices for consumers. That's why they're hating on Iran. Russian and Iranian oil breaks the monopoly and lowers the price in a free market. They don't want a free market. Back to Efrat's questions.

My point is, before the Oslo accord, Palestinians didn't even have a passport.

3) Would this port be used to make it easier to “steal” marine natural gas reserves? Yes of course. That was one of the primary reasons for facilitating the October 7th attack. They want to steal the natural gas from Gaza without sharing the profit. Why would Hamas attack Israel right after it signed an agreement to drill for natural gas. They wouldn't.

4) Will this port assist in "voluntary" migration/displacement of Gazans to Europe/elsewhere - out of the reach of Egypt (via Rafah crossing)? Of course it would. Netanyahu hardliners demand other countries absorb more Palestinian refugees than even exist in Gaza. The hardliners are evicting them out of their homes in West Bank, forcing them to Gaza then giving them the boot. That's not very nice. It's also a violation of Moses' commandments. But hey, we're secular now. We don't care what Moses said. Right? Netanyahu is a globalist who thinks it's all about him.

So there are three purposes of the new Port: Natural gas, mass migration and the new canal.

Efrat has a lot more important information in her Substack.


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