Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Brandon Police seize 100 kilos of Crystal Meth

CTV is reporting that "The Brandon Police Service (BPS) discovered nearly 100 kilograms of crystal meth during a traffic stop last week. The investigation began around noon on May 8 when officers conducted a traffic stop on a commercial vehicle on the Trans-Canada Highway.

"During the check, officers became suspicious that the driver may be in possession of an illicit substance for the purpose of trafficking. Due to these suspicions, BPS brought in a police dog named Storm, who indicated the presence of controlled substances. Police said they searched the cab of the vehicle where they found two large duffel bags under the bed in the sleeper berth. According to police, the bags contained 100 kg of what’s believed to be crystal meth. The drugs have an estimated street value of $800,000." Drug sniffing dog, nice.


  1. Again we see other provinces actually doing more to tackle organized crime. While BC pushes for safe supply in conjunction with Organized Crime (Federal Liberal Party of Canada).

    1. Yes the double standard is frustrating and disheartening. The good news is that other provinces are doing something. That means there's still hope that one day we might.


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