Saturday, May 18, 2024

Forest Fires, Arson and Preignition

Forest fire season has started early this year and that's already suspicious. Last year was Canada's worst forest fire season on record and many of those fires were set by arson.

Brian Paré is a Quebec man who plead guilty to setting 14 forest fires in 2023. That was just one guy. Last year CTV reported that "A 28-year-old woman has been arrested after a series of fires were intentionally set along the Galloping Goose Trail in Sooke, BC."

That's just two who were caught. Recently someone sent me a video of military personal using a new contraption on a jeep to set large forest firers. The video on Twitter had a warning which said that it was a planned preignition to fight a fire but when I embedded the tweet it disappeared.

We know that preignition is a new fire fighting strategy which has proven to be flawed. That's what made some of the fires in BC last year much worse. It's a bad idea. On that note, Glen Beck recently did a video showing a new home defense robot dog equipped with a flame thrower. He was laughing showing how cool it was and said it's also used in forest fire management. That's kind of a red flag. Fighting fires by setting fires is an oxymoron.

Obviously arsonists are mental cases. In urban settings a single arsonist can be responsible for setting many fires. People who set a forest on fire are even more mentally deranged. Yet we can't help but wonder if some of them are being paid to do it.

The article about the arsonist in Quebec states that he was a conspiracy theorist who claimed the government was responsible for starting fires. Yet he admitted to starting 14 himself. There's something in that narrative that doesn't make sense. If he objects to the government staring forest fires, why would he start them himself?

If he was a climate change denier, why would he set new fires to help the climate change narrative? It's like someone who thinks 911 was an inside job performing a terrorist act himself. Why would he do that? Truthers object to terrorist attacks they don't support them.
As for the disappearing video of military personnel starting forest fires, take a look at this. Last summer CBC reported that "Federal assistance including military resources are being mobilized to help British Columbia's fight against hundreds of wildfires, Canada'a Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Bill Blair announced Friday."

Take a look at what he's holding in his hand. It's not a shovel. It's "a drip torch to set a planned ignition on a wildfire burning near a highway outside Vanderhoof in northern B.C. on July 11." So we did hire the military to set fires. Last year Dan Dicks showed video footage of helicopters using tiger torches to set fries in BC from the air. That is a bad idea. We're spending money on the wrong thing. Water bombers are far more effective than helicopters.

They're also a lot more effective than a guy with a shovel or a guy with a drip torch. This relates to the Maui fraud. They shut off the water so residents couldn't fight the fire in Maui any more. These granola whack jobs claim that water is too sacred to fight fires with. STFU you lying freak.

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