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Israeli Investment Fraud and Jamaican Scams

OK let's talk about this. In my last post someone mentioned a TV series called Trafficked with Mariana Van Zeller. One episode talked about the prevalence of investment fraud in Israel and it is frightening. They also highlighted fraud in Jamaica. They said the fraud in Jamaica brings in millions while the fraud in Israel brings in billions. This is the full episode. 26:40 is on Israel.

Update: OK the first half of the documentary is about call centre scammers in Jamaica conning seniors like the Canadian Israeli in the IDF did. Evidently it's big business and the scammers make more money than the drug dealers. It's one thing to commit crime to put food on the table. It's another thing to exploit seniors for a new Rolex and gold jewelry. That is deplorable.

I suppose back in the day, street rats would mug an old lady or snatch a purse. That's pretty low life. These scams target the elderly who have slight dementia and are robbed of what's left of their life savings. When they say how low can you go? You can't get much lower than that.

Part two talks about the investment fraud in Israel and states that the story first broke by an investigative journalist in Israel named Simona Weinglass. Her work became a BBC documentary called the Billion Dollar Scam. The Trafficked documentary with Mariana Van Zeller highlights the binary options fraud and the Wolves of Tel Aviv. Sadly, scamming is here to stay.

Vancouver used to have it's own stock exchange but it was full of fake pump and dump stocks so they got rid of it. Crime and fraud exist everything but the Israelis have mastered it and the reason is Mossad. Organized crime that organized is tied to the intelligence community.

Former Navy Intelligence officer Al Martin wrote a riveting book called the Conspirators. In it he revealed how Jeb Bush instructed him to commit investment fraud as a way to raise money for Iran Contra. They would default on loans, crash banks and guarantee government bailouts. The Bush cartel were deeply involved in that over in Texas. All these ransomware attacks are CIA.

London Drugs confirms it was victim of ransomware attack. This happens all the time.

When you think of corrupt countries usually a place like Mexico comes to mind where the cartel has infiltrated everything. You don't normally think of Israel but sadly enough this is nothing new.

When I was young I did quite a bit of traveling. That was before direct debit. I didn't even have a credit card. I had money in mutual funds and gave that bank card to my parents. They'd withdraw money and wire it to me en route. I got scammed in Egypt. I was supposed to report in to Lisa Sliwa when I was in London but didn't have time so I called her collect from Cairo.

After the phone call I got a call from the lobby. They were demanding I pay 58 Egyptian pounds for the collect call. I said what are you talking about it was a collect call. They started screaming no collect calls in this country you pay 58 pounds now. I was like if there are no collect calls in Egypt why did you put it through when I asked to place a collect call.

They just kept screaming demanding I pay the money. I told the tour group leader and he kept saying to them Malash which means never mind. I was like that's bloody easy for you to say. They're trying to drag me into that back room to pay them 58 pounds which I don't have and the police outside have assault rifles are were just rioting last week. I was a bit stressed. The tour group leader lent me the money, paid the bill then I had my parents wire me the money so I could pay him back. Lesson learned disaster avoided. Then I get to Israel.

I toured Jerusalem for a week then I worked on kibbutz Einat between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. I loved it. It was great. I contacted my parents and asked them to withdraw some money from my mutual fund so I could go back to London. They said they can't. For some reason none of the banks here will wire money to Israel. I was somewhat shocked. This was 1985.

I asked them why and they said seemingly Israel is too corrupt. I was like are you kidding me? Wiring money into Egypt was no problem. I was stuck and asked them to keep trying. Finally they found a bank that was willing to do it. They sent the money and each week I would call the bank to see if it had arrived. Each week they kept saying no it's not here yet and I was like are you sure? They sent it a long time ago. They kept stalling week after week.

Finally I call them and they said no it's not here. Then I said yeah? Well this is the number of the bank draft. This is the date it was sent and this is the date it was received by your bank. They pause and say oh yes Mr. Watson, it's been here all along. Why haven't you picked it up. I didn't argue I just said I'll be right there. I was pissed.

I was so upset I wanted to leave an empty suitcase in the bank but I knew if I did that I'd go to jail or get shot. Any unclaimed baggage they would shoot in case it was a bomb. I was just really disappointed that the so called Holy Land was so dishonest. That is not holy. Evidently the problem has only gotten worse. In Egypt you might find a scammer try and scam you but you wouldn't get scammed by the bank. The high level fraud in Israel is tied to Mossad.

German prosecutors take aim at Israelis behind 77 million euro fraud ring

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Three Israelis Arrested for Ties to Forex Fraud Following an International Investigation

Israel arrests 6 men wanted by the US over alleged $148m binary options fraud

SEC charges Israel’s main binary options firm, and its 2 chiefs, with vast fraud

With criminals moving online, fraud is now Israel’s top illicit cash crop

Foreigners file slew of lawsuits against alleged Israeli investment scammers

Hungary busts massive Israeli-led fraud and money laundering ring


  1. Well, I guess I don't ever need to visit Israel. You ever see these scammer "International Fellowship of Christians and Jews" commercials?

    1. Humanitarian aid for the State of Israel but not for Gaza.

  2. Much worse than that. They've been around a while, they have just shifted the focus of their commercials from "Forgotten Holocaust Jews" to "Jews Under Attack in Israel". The Organization was started by
    (Rabbi) Yechiel Eckstein, he died in 2019 and his daughter now runs it. In 2013 this guy paid himself $1.2M in salary and his daughter $325K. This does not include per diem, airfare, etc.. In the present commercials his daughter Yael has to put on a combat vest and stand in front of a projected screen so it looks like she is in Israel, or the Ukraine, or wherever. She lives in Chicago. Unfortunately this scam is legal, and Evangelical Christians send them upwards of $100 million a year.

    1. Sadly I'm not surprised. That's a Jewish source BTW.

  3. Apparently this stuff about Joe Biden withholding weapons from Israel is a total crock.

    "Involvement in Israel-Palestine conflict - Day & Zimmermann is responsible for supplying much of the artillery munitions used by Israel in its ongoing invasion of Gaza. In particular, it manufactures 155mm rounds, fired by M109 howitzer guns, and 120mm M830A1 High Explosive Anti-Tank (HEAT) rounds, fired by Israel's Merkava battle tanks.The American Friends Service Committee says that Merkava tanks fired M830A1 rounds in a November attack on a UN school in Gaza, and in the attack that killed Hind Rajab, and that serial numbers on shells recovered at the scene suggest that the shells were made by Day & Zimmermann subsidiary Mason & Hanger."

  4. Apparently that floating dock in Gaza isn't floating. One of the US military people working on it posted this to social media.


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