Saturday, May 25, 2024

Investigative Journalism and White Collar Crime

It'a nice to see investigative journalism return through the back door after the mainstream media abandoned it. To reduce costs the mainstream media keeps laying off staff and just parrots press releases from the intelligence community without fact checking them. That's because the fake news has an agenda. They're pushing Globalism which is Communism re branded.

Trafficked with Mariana Van Zeller is stunning. Joe Rogan mentioned it and interviewed her. It's not just one episode it's two seasons. Maria is Portuguese and speaks several languages. She does high risk investigative journalism and it's put out by National Geographic.

This Secrets of the Hells Angels series on A&E interviews former members who speak out for the first time. These outlets are bringing back the freedom of the press after it was lost in space.

Simona Weinglass broke the story about Investment fraud in Israel. It's even worse than the Vancouver Stock Exchange was. In an interview about her story Simona expressed her frustration that the police weren't even investigating the rampant white collar crime.

There's a reason for that. She was grateful that law enforcement in the US was finally willing to do something about it. Only they didn't do much. All they really did was damage control like with Earl Brian. Earl Brian embezzled $50 million from Nesbitt Thompson clients. However, that fact has been removed from Wikipedia. All wikipedia says is that he was convicted of conspiracy and fraud in 1996 and sentenced to four years in prison. Wikipedia claims for inflating the value of FNN and UPI in an attempt to secure loans to shore up the companies. Not a word was mentioned about the 50 million dollars he embezzled from Nesbitt Thompson.

Why has that true information been deleted from the Internet? Because he embezzled it for the CIA. That's why he just got a slap on the wrist after he was caught. Now let's compare that to the Wolves of Tel Aviv bust. In that case 7 people were convicted and 21 were indited yet no one in Israel was indited. Yet the Mariana Van Zeller report stated that there are literally thousands of these fraud companies in Israel so this high profile bust barely scratched the surface.

That's because it was damage control. The Israeli police aren't investigating it for the same reason they aren't investigating the Tal Hanan election fraud task force. They both work for Mossad just like Earl Brain worked for the CIA. White collar crime is huge.


  1. I am very impressed with Mariana Van Zeller,s reporting on multiple issues,she,s one ballsy woman,need more like her to reveal the truth,I am amazed by her courage in getting the truth

    1. Yes, the fact that she's not American and speaks several languages helps her get info.


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