Thursday, May 2, 2024

Hells Angel killed in Iran by Mosaad

TBM posted a link to an interesting video claiming that a Hells Angel was killed by Mossad in Iran. Y Net News is confirming the claim and is reporting that "German media has released new details about the killing of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) operative Ramin Yektaparast, who reportedly was shot dead on Iranian soil, a murder attributed to Israel."

The article also claims "German media reveals Ramin Yektaparast, was allegedly involved in the murder of a gang member, and fled Germany after being accused of plotting attacks against Jews." OK that sounds like bullsh*t. If Mossad is involved with drug trafficking then they are going to be aligned with the Hells Angels. The Jerusalem Post is confirming the claim.

It's kind of strange that a Hells Angels president in Germany would be Iranian. The main Hells Angels president in Germany was arrested for human trafficking in Spain. He was not Iranian, he was German. I realize there's some kind of migration going on in Europe and I think some different ethnicities have joined the group but this story is shady.

The National News claims that "Iran recruited fugitive Hell's Angel for arson attack on German synagogue." This is where it gets ridiculous. I don't support burning Synagogues or burning Mosques. That is IMO crazy. Why would anyone do that? The freedom of religion guarantees the freedom of religion. So what's really going on here? This is Operation CU-YA deja vu.

It's reminiscent of the recent Damion Ryan bullsh*t that made international headlines. They claim Iran hired a Hells Angel to kill Iranian dissidents but no one was killed. He was going to do it but never did. He and his coaccused have killed people in the past but nobody cares about that. All off a sudden they were going to kill a couple of Iranian dissidents but never did and somehow that makes international headlines. BULLSH*T.

Naji Sharifi Zindashti was an Iranian drug dealer who fled Iran after escaping a life sentence for drug trafficking by killing a prison guard. The Iranian government, like the Taliban, don't like drug trafficking. Something Mossad and the CIA specialize in - Operation Watchtower. This brick of cocaine with a Star of David stamped on it was seized in Langley, BC back in 2012.
Naji Sharifi Zindashti hired members of the Brother's Keepers to kill rival drug dealers in Dubai. He hired them to kill a rival drug dealer not an Irainian dissisent. As I said before, Iran has oil. The purpose of all these oil wars is to control and limit the supply of oil so they can jack up the price of oil. If Iran and Russia are allowed to sell their oil and their natural gas the supply increases and the price drops. That's what happens in a free market. They don't want that to happen so they demonize Russia and Iran simply because they want to jack up the price of oil. That is haram.

Remember what Efrat Fenigson said. Cui Bono - who stands to benefit? The Hells Angels want to make money. To do that they need to keep a low profile. These rappers who flaunt their wealth don't get it. As a result, they don't last very long. CSIS has in the past hired the Hells Angels to do political assassinations in Surrey but whether or not it's worthwhile for the club to do that depends on the ripple effect and the public exposure it creates. Killing a rival drug dealer is worthwhile because it has a long term money making effect. They make money from the rival's business.

Killing an Iranian dissident, there's no money in that for them and if it makes international headlines it's simply not worth it financially. So who would benefit from that? The people trying to rationalize a boycott on Iranian oil and gas so they can make money off the Saudi monopoly.

Petrol bombing Jewish synagogues would be insane. There would be virtually no money in that for them and it would bring on an enormous amount of unwanted heat. So this claim about Ramin Yektaparast and the other claim about Damion Ryan simply don't make sense. Iran wouldn't do that because it would justify a boycott on their oil. Iran wants to make money too so the only ones that would benefit from this shady scam are the Five Eyes and the WEF.

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