Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Israel killed UN aid worker in Rafah

Update: American medics trapped in Gaza after Rafah border closing

The Yong Turks is confirming that Israel has killed a UN staffer in a clearly marked vehicle. Global has some footage that shows bullet holes in the windows of the vehicle. That means the marked vehicle was intentionally targeted from relatively close range.
One could argue that Israel gave warning to evacuate but we need to look at the big picture and see what they are really doing. The City of Gaza was in the north on the right side of the picture. Israel gave all the civilians in Gaza notice to leave which created a mass Exodus. They moved in with tanks, bulldozers and bombs destroying everything in their path.

Then they went to the next city and the next and the next until everyone was forced into Rafah. They closed the border to Egypt and ordered everyone in Rafah to leave. That is a sick joke. They clearly have no place to go. As Israel has been clear cutting south they have been bombing and sniping hospitals, cutting off water, electricity and aid. They've even been exhuming graves and bulldozing over cemeteries for the new Canal's access road. This is an abomination.

So they have driven all the civilians south, closed the border into Egypt and are now driving them west into the Ocean. God is watching this and this is ungodly. They had the audacity to claim this new Port is for humanitarian aid. That is an offensive lie. The new Port is to steal their natural gas reserves and to force all the civilians out and disperse them around the world so they can't regroup and return to the land and resources they are stealing from them.

Hamas has nothing to do with this. When they said Hamas is ISIS that was a red flag. The CIA created ISIS to draw the US into the rival pipeline war in Syria. Then after the US assassinated the Iranian general responsible for defeating ISIS the CIA brought back ISIS K. Likewise Mossad created Hamas to push Fatah out of Gaza and to justify this genocide.

When they said Oct 7 is Israel's 911 that was another red flag. Everyone in Israel knows that the Oct 7 attack was orchestrated. It could not have happened unless Benjamin Netanyahu facilitated it by issuing a stand down order and taking everyone guarding the border off that assignment. That is why Israel is having mass protests demanding Netanyahu resign.

US Army Major Quits Intel Agency Over Unqualified US Support Of Israeli Ethnic Cleansing

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