Thursday, May 9, 2024

The Significance of the Rafa invasion

Not to flog a dead horse, I just want to point out the obvious so everyone can clearly see what's really going on here. Israel invaded Gaza from the northern with tanks and bulldozers. First it was the city of Gaza. They told everyone to leave. They would order people to a safe corridor, then they would start bombing the safe corridor. They kept doing this over and over as they continued to drive further south. They built an access road for the canal which cut Gaza in two.

They've consistently bombed hospitals and have intentionally killed aid workers. Israeli citizens have been holding mass anti government protests in Israel calling for an early election and for Netanyahu to resign. Our media isn't showing us that and Google is burying that.

Israel launched the invasion October 27th. We're past the 6 month mark. Think about that. 6 months without an income and all the grocery stores aren't just empty, they're rubble. How many of us live paycheque to paycheque in today's economy with record inflation? How many of us could go 2 weeks, 4 weeks or six months without a paycheque?

Remember when the highways flooded and blocked food access to grocery stores from Vancouver to the Interior? If they weren't able to reroute food deliveries through Alberta, all those grocery stores would have been empty. The current famine in Gaza is unprecedented.
So now Israel has forced all of the civilians in Gaza out of their homes demanding they flee south until they've been finally rounded up in Rafah. Then they closed the border and told them to leave. They have nowhere to go. This is Satanic. This is not godly. This is a brazen violation of Moses' commandments to Israel. Israel intentionally killed aid workers because they are intentionally starving civilians. If anyone outside Israel protests that they call them antisemitic.

That is Satanic. We're all familiar with the term synagogue of Satan. That term applies to any religion. If Christians profess to believe in God and pledge to serve him but their acts are deliberately evil, then they are no longer children of God they become sons of Satan. By their fruits ye shall know them. Not by what they say but by what they do.

I realize some of the protests outside of Israel can become extreme. I do not support extremism. Wiping all the Jews out of Israel is just as bad as wiping all the Palestinians out of Gaza and West Bank. However, protesters have a right to protest. I have a right to object to killing aid workers and starving civilians without being antisemitic and without supporting terrorism. I despise terrorism. That is why I denounce what Israel is now doing in Gaza because that is terrorism and no, two wrongs do not make a right. Hamas is evil but Mossad created Hamas to push Fatah out of Gaza. We need to bring Fatah back and enforce the Oslo accord once again.

Macklemore released a new song dedicated to Palestine. I don't support the F*ck the Police rhetoric. Remember what the WEF is doing here. They are trying to divide us and they are succeeding at it quite effectively. They create an injustice to make you mad so you will fight back. Then they try to draw you into violence and extremism so they can then justify taking all our rights away. The WEF burned Maui to steal that land from those people just like they burned Vina del Mar in Chile. Now the WEF is bombing and bulldozing Gaza for the same reason.

Macklemore's new song is called Hind's Hall. Hind Rajab was a 6-year-old girl from Gaza. Her family was trapped in the car while they were being shelled by the IDF. Her parents were killed so her sister called 911 for help. She was shot dead while talking to 911. Hind, the 6 year old girl picked up the phone and said please help me I'm scared.

Relief workers got permission from the IDF to send in an emergency vehicle to rescue her. The IDF shelled the emergency vehicle and the little girl died trapped in the car. That was an evil act. That was not a godly act. People have a right to protest that outrage. Banning that protest is evil.

I know there is a lot of anger out there and it is justified but resorting to violence is exactly what they want. In the spirit of Martin Luther King we must recommit to nonviolence and pledge to keep telling the truth in the face of all these lies because no lie can live forever. So mote it be.

We also need to remember that prior to this Netanyahu has been forcefully evicting Palestinians out of their homes in West Bank and replacing them with Jewish settlers. That is not Zionism. That is theft. So he's been driving Palestinians out of West Bank in completely defiance of the Oslo accord and forcing them into Gaza where he has been literally wiping them off the face of the earth. That is evil. This is where a child of God becomes a servant of Satan.

In addition to forcefully evicting Palestinians out of their homes in West Bank, Netanyahu is frantically building new roads in West Bank for new settlements and outposts. I can tell you right now, he's not building them for the people of Gaza. The new roads go through Palestinian olive groves where Palestinian farmers are being killed by Jewish settlers.

Netanyahu is also forcefully evicting Palestinians out of their quarter of the old city of Jerusalem. What does that mean? Wait 'till I tell ye. Jerusalem is a big city. Within that city is a smaller ancient city surrounded by a stone wall like Quebec city. The old city contains the wailing wall and the Dome of the rock. Studio doesn't care about the Dome of the Rock because they have Mecca and they want a monopoly on everything.

The old city is divided into four quarters Christian, Muslim, Jewish and Armenian. Everyone asks who are the Armenians? They are an ethnic group that have historic ties to the city of Jerusalem. So the old city of Jerusalem was divided into four equal quarters but Israel is forcefully evicting Palestinians out of their homes within their quarter and are replacing them with foreigners.


  1. I do not believe that the Israeli's ever planned on stopping, it seems pretty clear that their intent is not just to remove Hamas from Gaza but pretty much the entire population as well.


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