Monday, May 13, 2024

Australian power couple arrested for drug trafficking

The Daily Mail is reporting that "The newest power couple of Sydney's underworld have been arrested in a dramatic early morning drug raid just a month after they got married. Lone Wolf bikie widow Jade Heffer, 28, and Trent Jeske, 26, made headlines last month following reports the couple had tied the knot in an Islamic ceremony following his recent release from prison. The newlyweds were woken by heavily armed officers from NSW Police's Raptor Squad banging on the door and storming into their Merrylands home in western Sydney on Thursday morning."

OK so before we dive into the criminal history I just want to say this was kind of slimy. The police brought the media with them in an early morning raid waking the suspects out of bed and took unflattering pictures of them. They posted a picture of the guy sitting in a chair in his underwear. Yeah he's heavy, we get it. Waking people up in the early morning and posting pictures of them in their underwear? That crosses the line. The woman was sitting with her back to the camera in shorts and a bra revealing the tattoos on her back. There's a whole lot going on here.

The woman is a biker widow recently remarried after seemingly became Muslim. She wears a hijab now. That means posting pictures of her in police custody without her hijab are offensive. I'm not saying she is Muslim. Drug trafficking is Haram. The other summer I was helping one of the Muslim kids in my neighborhood with his bicycle. He looked at my tats and very Innocently said Muslims aren't supposed to get tattoos. I just said oh that's interesting. I didn't know that.
OK let's start with the woman. She was married to a Lone Wolf bikie named Yusuf Nazlioglu who was gunned down in front of her less than two years ago. Yusuf had been charged and acquitted of murdering his former friend Comanchero boss Mahmoud 'Mick' Hawi. Hawi was born in Beirut and joined the Comancheros when he was 18. He became national president of the gang in 2003 when he was just 22. The jury didn't believe Yusuf killed Mahmoud due to a falling out after a fishing trip. Yusuf was raised in Sydney by his parents, who were originally from Turkey.

It was reported that after witnessing her husband's murder, Jade Heffer converted to Islam and started wearing hijabs but there is a picure of her wearing a hijab with her former husband. In 2023 Jade started dating Ahmad 'Alan' Alameddine who is a sketchy looking member of the notorious Alameddine clan which is a drug trafficking organization in West Sydney.

"The pair made headlines in August that year when Heffer allegedly hindered police who turned up at Alameddine's Greenacre home, in Sydney's west, to check if he was complying with a firearms ban. Alameddine allegedly escaped and went on the run for a month while Heffer remained in jail - until he was arrested on September 6 after being busted engaging in a sex act with another woman inside a ramshackle unit in South Coogee."

Normally I don't give a rat's a*s about all this dating drama. The only reason I'm throwing it out there is because I find it suspicious. The Daily Mail in the UK has an awful lot of tabloid details about this crime family. Is it because they are tabloid trash or is it because MI6 is feeding them information? This crime family at war in Sydney is tied to Lebanon and as we all know the CIA have a long history of drug trafficking in Lebanon.

The Daily Mail is also reporting that "While her new-found flame, Jeske, has a chequered history, he recently gained notoriety for his inspiring weight loss journey - with photos revealing the stunning transformation. Jeske was able to shift the considerable amount of weight after having lap band surgery, which involves putting a ring around the top part of the stomach."

WTF? This isn't Princess Dianna or Randy Andy. Fast forward to Trent Jeske. The Daily Mail is reporitng that "Jade Heffer and Trent Jeske got married in an Islamic ceremony after the 'Ready 4 War' enforcer walked free from jail in February, having served 20 months for drug dealing, the Daily Telegraph reported. The street gang distributed drugs for the Alameddine network and were busted in 2022 in sweeping raids." Alameddine is an Arabic surname that its origins in Lebanon.

OK so that is a long criminal history tied to a drug war. Don't worry, It gets even weirder. In 2022 the Daily Mail reported that "Accused Alameddine gangster allegedly filmed a sex act with a DOG as he's hit with a string of charges including animal cruelty - months after dramatic lap-band surgery weight loss." WTF? Did they just make that sh*t up? Was that AI or was that real?

Turns out it was fake. Big surprise. Trent's mother was arrested and charged with producing a fake Covid 19 vaccination certificate for work. AYFKM? Half a dozen tactical officers for that arrest? They trashed her house. Her lawyer said the charge was false and made up.

Turns out the dog sex act was fake just like the fake Covid certificate was fake. I do not support drug trafficking especially crystal meth but I don't support lying either. The fact that this involved drug trafficking and Lebanon means the CIA is directly involved. F*ck the Five Eyes.


  1. What does Islam say about breast implants? Asking for a friend....

    1. I don't know off hand but I assume it's like make up. Some say they're not supposed to wear a ton of of make up but I see a lot of young girls locally who wear full hijabs with lots of make up. It actually looks very respectful.

      If they have breast implants and cover them up instead of flaunting them for the world to see that would be a step forward. I guess it's kind of like tattoos. I wouldn't recommend removing them if you already have them.

      When my daughter was young there was a funny meme going around about a woman in a hijab looking at two boxes of hair dye trying to decide which one to buy. The meme meant who cares no one can see your hair. Then a Muslim girl commented and said she's trying to impress her man not every dog on the street. My daughter laughed and said shots fired.


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