Saturday, May 4, 2024

Suspect arrested in Indian theatre shootings in Toronto

This is just a little bit too ironic for it to be a coincidence. This is a coordinated Intelligence Operation. When discussing the motives behind the recent political assassinations in Surrey, I was just going to add that it is reminiscent of the theatre shootings in the GTA where they were premiering movies in languages other than Hindi and Punjabi. These shootings were also politically motivated targeting a specific south Asian minority group.

Well someone has just been magically arrested in those shootings. CTV is reporting that "Police say they have arrested a man wanted in connection with a string of shootings outside movie theatres across the GTA. According to York Regional Police, four shootings occurred outside GTA theatres over the course of a single day back in January."

The GTA has a large South Asian population just like Surrey does. A lot of the theatres runs South Asian movies. Some are in Punjabi most are in Hindi. Well in Toronto they started to show a movie called Malaikottai Vaaliban which was in a different langue called Malayalam spoken in a very small region in the south of India. At first I thought it was a publicity stunt to get people to watch the movie but shortly after the shootings Cineplex stopped showing the move.
The Khalistan quest is the right to self determination. They have no desire to suppress the language or culture of another region on the other side of India. Punjabis speak Punjabi. They're not shooting movie theaters that show movies in Hindi. Over all, Hindi is spoken by far more people in India than Punjabi. They just object to forcing everyone to speak the same language. Kind of like how China is trying to phase out Cantonese in Hong Kong.

So who hired this kid to shoot the movie theaters in the GTA? The government of India? Possible but that would be pretty sketchy. It looks like a coordinated operation with the South Asian extortion in Edmonton and the political assassinations in Surrey.

The two clues we have in discovering who did it are the Ripudaman Malik murder and the Pakistan ISIS connection to the Hardeep Singh Nijjar assassination because all these events are clearly linked. The government of India did not kill Ripudaman Malik.

Malik had recently visited India and met with their Chief of Intelligence. He was singing Modi's praises so the government of India had no motive to kill him. Maybe someone killed him because they blamed him for Air India? Why now? The other events imply it was tied to something else. The government of India implied it was a beef between Ripudaman Malik and Hardeep Singh Nijjar. I highly doubt that.

Malik's supporters killed Nijjar in retaliation for Malik's murder? No way. What supporters? His family? I think not. That obscure theory has nothing to do with the South Asian extortion in Edmonton or the movie theatre shootings in the GTA and these are all related.

So if the government of India didn't order the murder of Ripudaman Malik who did? Pakistan ISIS? Not a chance. So not only did Pakistan ISIS not order the murder of Hardeep Singh Nijjar, they didn't order the murder of Ripudaman Malik either. The didn't extort the South Asian businesses in Edmonton or shoot up the South Asain movie theatres in Toronto. The only common denominator in all this is the Five Eyes and that brings us back to Cameron Ortis.


  1. Hello; Have you heard of Operation Gladio. The CCP globalism war.

    1. Yes. First there was Operation Northwoods. That was the plan that Kennedy vetoed. Then there was Operation Gladio which was the plan Lyman Lemnitzer executed. However it's not the CCP it's the CIA. The CPP had nothing to do with Gladio.


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