Monday, May 27, 2024

Israel bombs another Gaza camp it had declared safe

CBC is reporitng that "Families who survived a deadly Israeli airstrike on a tent camp in Rafah described a horrific scene of scorched tents and burning bodies on Sunday, as the attack brought further scrutiny to Israel's continued offensive in the city."

"Some survivors said they had come to the camp because they followed a warning on Israeli leaflets, telling them to leave Rafah for the humanitarian area." Netanyahu has done this consistently. He drops flyers ordering civilians to flee their homes then bombs the safe area he told them to flee to. Sounds like they're using White Phosphorus again. Netanyahu is a liar.


  1. Shameless behavior, 85 years later and the jews are breaking havoc. All war is a waste of life and money. Billions sent to Isreal and Ukraine to kill people in war and fill th pockets of the politicans and elites. And we can't even take care of our own people. USA is just as bad.


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