Monday, May 13, 2024

Ton of Crystal meth seized in Thailand

The Straight Times is reporting that "The Thai authorities intercepted about a tonne of crystal methamphetamine in one of the kingdom’s biggest ever single seizures of the illegal drug, the police said on May 12. The haul, with an estimated value of more than US$25 million (S$34 million) on the international market, was found when officers stopped a pickup truck in central Nakhon Nayok province on May 10. Acting national police chief Kittharath Punpetch said police, military and local officials had been monitoring several smuggling gangs and learned of a plan to move a large amount of the drug, commonly known by the street name Ice."

"Mr Kittharath told a news conference that 40 bags of the drug, weighing about a tonne in total, were found in the truck. Its driver was arrested but investigators believe the head of the smuggling network is a Thai national based in a neighbouring country. The kingdom is a major transit route for illicit drugs produced in the so-called Golden Triangle region where northern Thailand, Laos and Myanmar meet. Myanmar is a major source of amphetamine, much of it produced in illegal labs in border areas controlled by ethnic minority armed groups. AFP"

We have seen several Australian Hells Angels arrested in the past for selling crystal meth in Thailand. They even killed one of their on guys over it. The Toronto Sun reported that a BC Associate was arrested in Bangkok back in 2019 trying to smuggle heroin in shock absorbers destined for Canada. Historically it was the CIA that created the Golden Triangle. The CIA has been deeply involved with opium and Crystal meth out of Myanmar formally known as Burma. Video: Bo Grtiz on Morton Downey Jr.

Lt. COL Bo Gritz Discovery of US Involvement in Golden Triangle Opium Trade

Australian Man Faces 20-Year Jail, $600,000 Fine For Selling Meth In Bali

NDTV is reporting that "An Australian man faces up to 20 years in prison on the resort island of Bali and a fine of more than $600,000 for allegedly attempting to sell crystal meth, police said Monday. Indonesian police said the 49-year-old suspect -- named by his initials TAS and identified by Australian media as Troy Smith -- was arrested on April 30 at his hotel on the popular tourist island. He was allegedly found with 3.19 grams of crystal methamphetamine and his wife, a foreign national only identified by her initials TIM, was also held but found not to be involved."

The suspect had received a package carrying the meth sent by a friend in Australia, Indriyo said. A Bali police press statement said the package contained "one Colgate toothpaste tube containing 3.15 grams of alleged crystal meth". A long sentence for a small amount of drugs.

"Indonesia has some of the world's toughest drug laws including the death penalty for traffickers. There are dozens of traffickers on death row in Indonesia, including a cocaine-smuggling British grandmother and a Philippine woman accused of smuggling heroin."

There is an Australian by the same name who is a member of the Finks MC.

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