Thursday, May 2, 2024

Former Hells Angels president explains Filthy Few

The Daily Mail is reporting that "A former Hells Angels leader has laid bare the terrifying meaning behind the violent biker gang's 'Filthy Few' moniker - as he confessed to having done dirty work for the brotherhood. The startling admission was laid bare in A&E's Secrets of the Hells Angels docuseries which has taken a deep dive into the history of the 'outlaw' group."

"My name is Charles Goldsmith, that's my real name, every body calls me Pee Wee, and I became a president in the Hells Angels,' the 6ft8in tattoo-covered biker said in the excerpt. Explaining the meaning behind the Filthy Few, PeeWee tried to put a light twist on the dirty details of the group. 'The Filthy Few means first one to the party, last one to leave,' he said - but the cameraman interjected to add: 'That's not true, PeeWee.' As PeeWee chuckled, the clip cut to photos of him during his time in the biker gang with his jacket emblazoned with a patch that read: 'Filthy 666 Few.' He added: 'What do you want? I'd be incriminating myself!'

"The person behind the camera remained determined to get the truth as he probed once again about the moniker. 'People can say what they think it means but allegedly, Filthy Few is that you took care of business for the club - I mean serious business, man,' he finally revealed. 'Did you take care of business for the club?' questioned the producer. PeeWee then candidly admitted: 'I did take care of business.'" 666 stands for F-F-F meaning Filthy Few Fellowship.
We all know what the Filthy Few Fellowship means and I'm not going to incriminate PeeWee Goldsmith. Sonny Barger knew what it meant. So did Otis Garret. Otis Garret was honored as a proud member of the Filthy Few Fellowship on the West Vegas website long after he was convicted of ordering the murder of Margo Compton and her two daughters.

The CFSEU's b*tch Damion Ryan knows what it means. He was wearing a Filthy Few patch after he and Robby killed one of Larry Amero's coaccused in Greece. In fact, I had a court case about that a while ago. The CFSEU didn't want everyone to know their b*tch had killed someone.

The point is, everyone knows it's Damion Ryan. Everyone knows he had a Filthy Few Patch while he was cooperating with the CFSEU by ratting out the person he hired to murder Anees Mohamed and everyone knows what the Filthy Few Patch represents. Mind how ya go.

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  1. It's really unclear why Pee-Wee was kicked out of the club. Allegedly it's because he made a statement to the police after a dust-up with the Mongols. But it's not clear if his statement was anything beyond "Just a little fight nothing to see here". Some speculate it was a fabricated reason to kick him out.


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