Sunday, May 12, 2024

Nursing mother assaulted by meth head in Vancouver

I made a post about monarch butterflies for Mothers Day but this is another story that needs to be said. A mother was sitting in the back seat of her car breastfeeding her baby on Commercial drive and some sketchy meth head enters the car and assaults the mother. Now let's think this through. Comerical Drive is a very popular Italian community. It's very busy. As a result many people instantly came to he woman's aid. Police say they haven't determined the motive yet.

This is a Caucasian drug addict. You don't need a motive. Heroin addicts for the most part would mind their own business. Crack and crystal meth addicts are far more aggressive and are responsible for a huge amount of violent crime that threatens public safety.

What makes matters worse is that the guy claims to identify as transgender. So why is he assaulting a biological mother breastfeeding her baby? Is it jealousy. Does that make it a hate crime? When you look at some of the mentally deranged things this person has posted online we clearly see that we have all entered the Twilight Zone. We talk about transgender rights. What about women's rights? Biological women's rights. Do they have any rights left or are we forfeiting all our rights over to criminals. Illegal drugs increase violent crime.

Obviously criminals can be in any race, any gender and any gender preference. There is good and bad everywhere you go. Obviously this person is not a good example of transgenderism. As I said when you look at some of the stuff the person has posted, the person is a complete mental case. There are some serious mental health issues at play here.

I'm not saying every transgender person is mentally ill. That is not what I'm saying. I'm saying mental illness affects every race, gender and gender preference. We oppose criminals not communities. Having said that there has been some pretty crazy political stunts trying to do away with the term mother. Some insane extremists want to replace the term mother with something weird. I can't even remember what - birthing parent.

You can be a good mother to a child you adopted so the attack on motherhood is unwarranted. Motherhood is a sacred thing and we need to preserve and protect it.

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