Monday, May 6, 2024

Felix Rodriguez lying on Tucker Carlson

Speaking of Intelligence agency insanity former CIA Agent Felix Rodriguez was just on Tucker Carlson. AYFKM? That man was an Anti Christ. He's a liar. Is there a full moon? That guy was in the famous picture with Barry Seal that was on the cover of the book Barry and the Boys.
The picture is of Barry Seal and Felix Rodriguez with members of Operation 40 which Allen Dulles created. Wikipedia claims it was disbanded in 1970 due to allegations that an aircraft that was carrying cocaine and heroin in support of the group crashed in California. As we know, Barry Seal was a cocaine smuggling kingpin for the CIA out of Mena, Arkansas.

Allen Dulles was a dirt bag. He was the one that came up with and signed Operation Northwoods. The CIA didn't kill Che until after the Communist revolution in Cuba was successful because Che actually believed in the romantic promises of socialism like Gaddafi did. They killed Che to give Castro absolute power. They killed Gaddafi because he was also a threat to their brand of Communism that they are promoting which is currently referred to as the New World Order. The CIA is the secret society Kennedy wanted us about. Even that warning has been buried.

Gary Webb confirmed that the CIA was responsible for the US crack epidemic in the /80's. The CIA rationalized that drug trafficking to fight Communism in Nicaragua. So they claimed. Yet the two wars they fought against Communism in Cuba and Nicaragua failed so if they really were trying to fight Communism, they weren't very good at it.

Look at the Bay of Pics invasion. The CIA intentionally sabotaged that operation. I submit that the CIA claims to fight Communism to rationalize an extensive drug trafficking network but that rationalization is a lie. They aren't trying to fight Communism they are trying to hijack it. The CIA are Big supporters of the WEF and the UN's NWO. That is Communism.

Think back to Covid. Who controls the fake news? The CIA. Remember all those false reports of US hospitals full of Covid patients with people lined up in the streets waiting to get in? Civilians and radio news journalists would go to those same hospitals and film thise same hospitals on their phones completely empty. Then YouTube would delete those videos. It was a huge misinformation operation run by the Intelligence agency.

Even Post Covid the fake news kept misrepresenting hospitalization numbers. The fake news kept saying hospitals were full of Covid patients when that was simply not true. Post Covid empty hospitals started to fill with patients catching up with the backlog in surgeries.

The hospital would give everyone a PCR test which was useless and produced a 90% false positive. The hospital would take these new numbers are say there has been a surge in Covid hospitalizations which was not true. The spike was because they started testing patients. The fake news would say the hospitals are full of Covid patients which was not true. The hospitals were full of patients filling the backlog of surgeries and they happened to test positive for Covid.

There is a big difference between people in the hospital for Covid and with Covid. They weren't hospitalized because they had Covid symptoms. They were hospitalized for other things and happened to test positive for Covid. Despite the fact that most of them were asymptomatic.

A renowned​ virologist from the UK explained that there is no such thing as asymptomatic cases. They said for a case to be a case you need symptoms and a positive PCR test. One without the other is not a case. The fake news completely misrepresented that fact and the CIA was a big part of that disinformation campaign. Just look at all cause mortality pre and post Covid compared to pre and post Covid Rna vaccines. All cause mortality did not rise throughout the pandemic.

The CIA support the Biolabs in the Ukraine and created that manufactured conflict. The CIA support the oil wars that promote the Saudi monopoly and the apocalyptic spike in the price of gas. The CIA supported Joe Biden and Hilary Clinton over Donald Trump. QAnon was a CIA operation to discredit Trump supporters and lead them astray. The CIA are enemies of the Constitution. They aren't trying to stop Communism they are trying to hijack it.

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