Wednesday, May 8, 2024

India admits rogue agents ordered assassinations

Punjabi lawyers in Lahore, Pakistan held a protest and the police charged them with batons and used water cannons on them so the lawyers are calling for a general strike tomorrow May 9th. India has lost their mind. They are actually charging Khalistan supporters with terrorism.

Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, the American target in the assassination plot was charged with 20 cases of terrorism. This is what you call the weaponization of the DOJ. India calls him a Khalistani terrorist. Now India is claiming that rogue operatives in India's Intelligence ordered the murder of Gurpatwant Singh Pannun and Hardeep Singh Nijjar. They rationalize it by comparing it to rogue agents in the American government being involved with Iran contra.

Right now I see a whole lot of crazy. India is screwing with the farmers in Punjab because they are NWO just like Justin Trudeau is screwing with the farmers in Canada. In addition to that, the government of India have been pretty ruthless towards any Sikh who wants out. India claims Hindu priests have been persecuted in the Punjab. Can't we all just f*cking get along?

Who the f*ck cares what religion you are? All this bullsh*t is part of the Agenda to ban all religions. Y'all need to look at the big picture and get your sh*t together. You're insanity is giving them a reason to ban all religions. Once they do that they will take away all our rights. So give your head a shake and figure it out. All these intelligence agencies are dirty. Don't trust them.

I still say this was an inter provincial sting operation. Meaning CSIS set it up. That's the only explanation for all the numerous arrests. The CIA said to India's Intelligence Agency, do you want us to take care of this for you? Yeah sure they said. Then after they do it they bust India for what they did because they were doing it for India. That's a sting operation. It's also called entrapment.

I still say every time CSIS raises it's ugly little head we need to bring up Surjan Singh Gill and Grant Bristow. That's the only way we can prevent future terrorist attacks in Canada. If it wasn't for this sting operation they orchestrated, Hardeep Singh Nijjar would still be alive.

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