Thursday, May 30, 2024

Hells Angels: Kingdom Come on Vice TV

Someone just posted a link to a new series on the Hells Angels called Kingdom Come running on Vice TV. We've got one more episode of the A&E series then we'll dive in. Netflix had a dramatization of Vito Rizzuto and his involvement with bikers called Bad Blood. I recommended it but didn't have time to watch it. I'm more of a facts guy than a drama guy.

This new series appears to include the Quebec Hells Angels which is the real deal. Vice interviewed me when I first started my blog and was going by Agent K. I was anonymous back then before my real name was plastered all over the front page of the local papers. In fact I even had some contact with the real anonymous because they respected what I was doing. That was 12 years ago. Vice thought it was funny I did the interview over a pay phone.


  1. It was funny. ;-)

    1. It was hard finding payphones back then. Now there's none. That lady from England I interviewed said they've kept a few of the iconic red telephone booths for nostalgia sake. They use them as communal libraries now.

    2. There aren't many but some still exist in BC.

  2. There is one that does not work that is still on the wall of the changerooms at D.T. Fleming Park in Maui.


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