Sunday, September 17, 2023

BC Wildfire Service has lost its way

Kamloops this Week is reporting that "As a lifelong resident and a professional forester in B.C. for more than three decades, with a 40-year wildfire suppression background, and previously recognized by the B.C. Wildfire Service (BCWS) as a wildfire specialist, I am angered by the present state of wildfire management in our province." Bruce Morrow op ed.

He makes several important observations and quotes the Shuswap preignition which made the fire much worse. When you look at that along with their long list of bad practices, it's hard to believe that it's simply negligence and isn't planned. Like cutting off the water supply in Hawaii during the fire or setting up police roadblocks preventing people from escaping. Something very shady is going on here and we can all see it.

Forest fires are certainly not new in BC but these new bad practices are. I have two points to make: volunteers and water bombers. In BC every community has volunteer firefighters. These are trained professionals who have regular jobs and are on call when a fire breaks out. One of my managers at work is one. He has a regular job and when a fire breaks out he takes a leave of absence to fight the fire. This is very helpful and important. It's also cost effective.

The BC's new forest fire promotion commission stopped allowing trained volunteers to assist fighting fires. They are even banning community members from protecting their own homes. That is George Orwell. They are more interested in enforcing evacuation orders than they are in fighting fires. That reveals an agenda. It's the same old problem, reaction solution paradigm.

They create a problem, wait for the reaction and then present their preplanned response to their manufactured emergency. You can fool some of the people some of the time but you can't fool all of the people all of the time. No lie can live forever.

New pilots who want to get their commercial pilot's license need to get hours in flying. Often they sign up for water bombing during forest fire season to get those hours in. This was a common process. The WEF's NDP stopped this. They have created a problem and intentionally made it worse because they have a sinister agenda just like Justin Trudeau. Stop them.

Why is an Island-based water bomber sidelined as B.C. burns?


  1. The globalists who were installed into the BC NDP govt a couple years ago - are in the process of dismantling BC for their "Great Reset" ... you can see their real-time destruction playing out in Merritt BC here .....

  2. Great post, great first comment. Speak the truth. Speak the truth, to all who will listen. Often they have to hear it more than once.

  3. The government is probably trying to persuade people to leave these areas and move into cities so they are easier to control. They could have a fleet of a 100 water bombers if they wanted to. I saw a story about the rising cost of house insurance in the burned out areas. I predict that insurance gets so expensive in the future (or that it's not even available) that people are forced to move away. Fear of your whole life burning up will also be a factor. It would be interesting to see some statistics on the number of people who've moved to "safer" areas.

    1. "The 15 minute city". Plus people who live out in the country are more self reliant, and the WEF wants you reliant on THEM.

  4. 1/100th of the covid bucks spent would provide Canada world class fire suppression teams and new equipment.

  5. "You will own nothing and be happy!" .... well, i'm not so sure about the happy part.


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