Saturday, September 9, 2023

Khalistan referendum Surrey September 10th 2023

Update: Live interviews from the Khalistan Referendum in Surrey.

OK much to say. Sunday is the Khalistan Referendum in Surrey. What is that you ask? Khalistan is the proposed name for the independent state of Punjab in India. I might ad that there is absolutely nothing controversial about holding a referendum.

Yet the mainstream media's misrepresentation of it is. Surrey has a very large Punjabi population. We have a little bit of an idea of what's going on here. First of all the venue has changed. The voting location is the Surrey Gurdwara at 7050 120th Street. The Surrey school District withdrew their permission for the referendum so they have to hold it somewhere else.

They claim their concern was a poster of a pen stabbing a picture of a gun. AYFKM? Ever heard the term the pen is mightier than the sword and the ballot is mightier than the bomb?

Let's take a look at two points first. CBC Fake News also known as Justin Trudeau's State Run Media claims that "A U.S.-based Sikh group is rallying the diaspora in B.C. to vote for an independent state in India." AYFKM? There is a sh*t load of Sikhs right here in Surrey that want to separate and after the Sikh genocide in India you sure can't blame them.
BTW the picture they are complaining about with the pen stabbing the bent barrel of a gun is clearly nonviolent. The gun is in the colours of the flag of India and has the word India written on it. Those guns are what the government of India used on Sikhs in the genocide so this referendum is clearly a nonviolent response to extreme violence.

The second point I'd like to examine is the fact that the government of India recently assassinated a Surrey Temple President right before the referendum. That was batsh*t crazy. First they set him up and defamed him of course but you can't deny the timing of the murder was clearly a political assassination. In response we have Sikhs in Ottawa protesting his assassination and at the same time we have Hindu counter protesters sh*tting on their dream of becoming an independent state. Sorry guys but it's not up to you. It's up to them. You can't sh*t on people forever and expect them to stay. Them leaving is the most peaceful and nonviolent thing they can do.

It's the Trudeau Government that is opposing the referendum. I will also declare that Jagmeet Singh is a fake Sikh. He wears a turbin for show but his policies violate the positions of the Sikh Temple. Jagmeet didn't support the Convoy and where I work most of the truckers are Punjabi.

Jagmeet pretended to support the farmers in India but he does doesn't support the farmers here or in Holland. Jagmeet is a World Economic Forum puppet that support fertilizer bans to create mass starvation. Farming is the greenest thing you can do for the planet. Plants and trees need fertilizer to grow. No farmers no food. No fertilizer no plants and no oxygen.

At first I thought forming your own country is a bit wishful thinking because the geographical location is so small but it has over 36 million people. That's not including all the Sikhs who live abroad. All of Canada only has just over 38 million.


  1. Farmed and Dangerous

  2. This is the most accurate post ive seen anywhere on khalistan. Even better then the people cbc had interviewed. One or two of them were hindu go figure!

    Thanks for clarification and honestly journalism 👏, you are a true light in times of darkness friend.

    1. Thanks. This is something we need to address because it is important.

  3. It's worth mentioning that India is basically 90% Hindu and 10% Sikh, but that 90% of the Indians in Canada are Sikh, just as a rough number. In India of course most of the Sikh live in Punjab state, and they are mostly farmers. They are a semi-persecuted minority in India, so their motivation for self determination and to have their own country is completely reasonable.

    "The African Union" has just been admitted to the G20 as a permanent member. On the wall behind the stage when the announcement was made, "One Earth, One People, One Future". Translation, "Globalists".
    Their first issue? Climate change of course. GTFOH.

    Notice that neither Putin or Xi attended.

    1. Two good points. My daughter had a non Hindu friend visit from India and said wow, you have more Punjabi in Surrey than we do in India. The G20's Globalist agenda is indeed concerning. They are attacking all farmers everywhere.

  4. Random question does the lowermainland have alot nazi skinhead gangs or white hate groups ?

    1. No. The Whiteboy Posse were in a rural area outside Edmonton. Vancouver is multicultural. White people are the minority. The only white hate groups are on the fake news.

    2. Thanks Dennis keep up the great work.


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