Thursday, September 28, 2023

Muslim Association of Canada rebukes Justin Trudeau

MSN is quoting a Nation Post article by Rahim Mohamed entitled Trudeau doubles down on disparaging Muslim Canadians. The article states that "Things somehow managed to go from bad to worse for the flailing Justin Trudeau on Monday when he was slapped with a stinging rebuke from the Muslim Association of Canada. In a sharply worded statement, the 55,000-member faith-based organization condemned the prime minister (among other politicians and groups) for making statements that it claimed mischaracterized last week’s 1 Million March 4 Children and, implicitly, the involvement of members of the Muslim community in the protests. (Muslim organizers like Calgary’s Mahmood Mourra were highly visible in the protest’s leadership).

“On Wednesday, September 20th,” the statement read, “thousands of Muslims, joined by other faith-based groups, protested to raise their concerns, calling for their rights as parents in relation to their children’s education. Their intent was to be heard, not to sow division. …"

“The statements from Canadian leaders and school boards increase the potential for Muslim children to face increased bullying and harassment in schools, both by educators and peers, a trend that’s already distressingly escalated. The statement’s authors called on the relevant parties, beginning with Prime Minister Trudeau, to retract their deeply inflammatory and divisive statements about the protests and issue an apology to the thousands of Canadian parents who were hurt by their remarks."

After the Million March for child protection notably organized and attended by Muslim Canadians, Justin Trudeau denounced the protest and said Islamophobia has no place in Canada. That's right, so he should leave for refusing to recognize the valid concerns of Muslim parents.

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