Saturday, September 9, 2023

John Dodson on Operation Fast and Furious

Operation Fast and Furious was a CIA led operation where the ATF were selling the Mexican cartel guns and bringing back tons of cocaine as payment. In this recent interview John Dodson revealed two important facts. First is that it wasn't run by a police agency it was run by a government agency, the Attorney General. The second is the gun control hidden objective.

Dodson said they told four local gun dealers to approve shady transactions they didn't want to approve. The gun dealers said, we're not going to do this. Then the ATF comes in and says it's OK we want you to approve it because we are tracking the guns so they reluctantly approved the transactions. Then when those guns were used in crime the ATF told the media it was these four local gun dealers fault. They totally set them up. John Dodson blew the whistle on that set up. He said these gun dealers did not want to approve those transactions but we told them to do it.

Netflix Spy Ops is an offensive lie. Iran Contra never stopped. Just ask Gary Webb.

Why John Dodson blew the whistle on Fast and Furious

BTW Glen Beck is a Patriot, Mitt Romney is not.

That RINO picture was painted by another Mormon Patriot.


  1. Yeah all the LDS folks I know wish Romney would STFU about being LDS.

    1. I think like with any group of people you have some people that just sit at home and watch the TV. LDS are very busy. Most don't have time to do their own research. However, Ezra Taft Benson dusted off some pretty accurate prophecies about our day saying that the Constitution would hang by a thread. We can all see that now. All of the church leaders including David O McKay were passionate supporters of the Constitution.


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