Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Shuswap Fires Intentionally Lit By Canadian Authorities

Update: Prescribed burning partly to blame for huge fires

Dan Dicks is reporting that "The director of wildfire operations in BC Cliff Chapman admitted that they started the fires with a planned ignition and that they did this even though they knew strong winds were approaching. Since then the RCMP have ordered local police to stop anyone from entering the area in an effort to 'prevent looting'. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth covers the Shuswap fires and most importantly what you need to do to plan for the next 'order out of chaos' scenario that keeps playing out before our eyes."

Arson Is NOT Climate Change. Forest fires are not new to BC. I knew a young man who got his pilots licence and moved to California. He wanted to become a commercial pilot but before doing so he needed to get his hours in. To do that, pilots would come to BC and fly water bombers for the forest fires. It was a common thing back then. Instead of paying helicopters and drones to start fires we need to go back to flying water bombers like we have for the past generation.


  1. Wow. Kudo's to Mr. Chapman for admitting the truth instead of lying about it as is so common these days.

  2. These governments need to go at all levels!!

    Listen to this corrupted authoritarian minion at the beginning of this video.

    People are sick of their bullshit at all levels of government.

    One minute they're telling you to suicide yourself over back pain or depression...or that 5yr old little Johnny can cut his pecker off....and the next they pretend to so passionately care about you and the people who may be called to rescue you!

    It's all bullshit and lies.
    Nothing more than theater.

    Out of CHOAS will come the NEW WORLD ORDER and your well being or "feelings" don't even register on their radar.

  3. Maybe the Government is just trying to get the "improvements value" to zero before they legally expropriate the "land value" minus clean up costs...
    ....and then they come in like heros and offer you a 15min village complete with universal basic income.

    All you have to do is sign your rights and ownership away.

    Be sure of this, the WEF Agenda 2030 is alive and well and your POS PM is one of its primary henchmen.

  4. "True North Strong and Free", AWAKE!

  5. What next? We're gonna see a full potato sack/crates full of concrete brick in front of the 666 Burrard Street building?

  6. Quebec man charged with arson in connection with numerous forest fires in Quebec ..... Suspect allegedly set fire to forests in the area between July 8 and Sept. 5 .....



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