Wednesday, August 16, 2023

The Three Stooges Silly Saga Continues

Larry Amero's sentencing trial continued in Vancouver Supreme court today. Not that anyone cares. His co accused Dean the hit man Wiwchar was also on the list for a Case Management Conference. That's not a sentencing, that would imply new charges. I remember his trial was split off from Larry and Robby's trial. He and Robby were already convicted of murdering Johnny Raposo in Toronto. Robby referred to Dean as his best hitter and Robby worked for Larry Amero. They shared a penthouse suite together right before they were arrested. Larry was the patch holder not Robby. The Three Stooges immortalized as such throughout eternity. What a shameful disgrace. They all could have should have would have done something a lot better. Anything.

Cody Rae Haevischer was on the court list today. His trial still has Jamie Bacon, Mathew Johnston and Michael Le on the list. Despite the fact that that trial was separated, Mathew Johnson is supposedly dead, not, and Jamie Bacon is in Witness Protection. Michael Le testifed against Mathew Johnston in an earlier trial. If everyone flips, there's no one left to convict.
Jamie Bacon was also scheduled in court for "something" else. What do you think the odds are that everything in that one is covered under a publication ban. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap.
Even the guy Jamie Bacon hired to kill DK flipped and testified against Porky.


  1. Their should be no publication bans for criminals (people who already have criminal records) this is such bullshit. We pay the salaries for the courts. We have the right to a free press, so this publication ban is a farce.

    1. Normally the purpose of a publication ban is to protect the identity of police informants and to preserve a persons right to a fair trial. For example, you can't publish anything the jury hasn't heard yet. However those publication bans expire. After the trial is over you can publish anything and everything except the names or identities of police informants. When criminals flip and become police informants it all gets conflicted.

    2. Can’t blame them for flipping when their supposed “brothers” leave them hanging. Then get all indignant when the guy they abandoned realizes how he’s been treated and understands no one is going to help him but himself so he flips.

  2. The system doesn't want you to know what it's doing. Or not doing. It's that simple.


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