Monday, August 14, 2023

Highly Suspicious Fire in Hawaii

Update: Rebel News is sending a team in to investigate the matter

Strange statements made about the Hawaii fire

OK let's back this up a bit. I just got back from a road trip yesterday and people were sending me all kinds of links to the fire in Hawaii. So let's calmly and rationally have a look. Obviously the fire was real. High winds during a fire is very dangerous. Reuters is reporting that "Nearly 85% of U.S. wildfires are caused by humans, according to the U.S. Forest Service. Natural causes include lightning and volcanic activity. In Hawaii, less than 1% of fires are due to natural causes, according to Elizabeth Pickett, co-executive director of the Hawaii Wildfire Management Organization. The Hawaiian Islands have six active volcanoes, including one on Maui."

Obviously the fire was real as were the high winds that fanned the flames so to speak. In BC we are very familiar with the annual risk of forest fires. We have a lot of forests here filled with evergreen trees like cedar, fir, pine and hemlock. Anyone who has been camping knows. if you put once of those green branches on a campfire, it will instantly ignite and burst into flames.

That's why every summer we are under high risk for forest fires. This year hasn't been abnormally bad for us. We've had much worse yet this year Alberta and Nova Scotia have had some large forest fires. Whether it's arson or human negligence it's hard to tell. During the ANTIFA riots in the US we all saw video footage of arsonists in California.

Deliberately starting a forest fire is criminally insane. Pretty much every summer now we have campfire bans yet we still manage to have forest fires. Most campfire are pretty contained. Sadly, throwing a cigarette buy out of the window of a moving car can easily ignite dry grass and start a fire. Something so simple and so easily avoidable.

In Hawaii they have palm trees which are awesome. However, they're not all bunched in together don't have highly flammable branches reaching out next to each other. We don't know the cause of the fire in Hawaii yet but from the pictures we see a whole neighborhood burned to the ground.

It kind of looks similar to the Lytton fire. To my understanding that was caused by brakes on a train that ran right through the town. I filmed Lytton on my road trip to the Bowron Lakes.

In BC we have a lot of wood framed houses close together. If a fire breaks out and is not quickly contained it can easily spread to other houses. That's kind of what it looks like happened in Hawaii. It's going to take some time to sift through the data and process it. I'm still basking in the splendor of my road trip and will make two new posts. One discussing wind therapy, the about balancing the extremes as my mandate evolves.
Sky News posted some pictures of the fire. When you take a look at the leaves on the palm trees in this picture, that would imply the gale winds were blowing towards the ocean now inland. That would explain why the whole island didn't burn to the ground. It would also help us pinpoint the start of the fire. This video on Newsweek shows the geographical location of the area that burned. The shape of the mountains around it matches the shape of the image of the fire burning.
This picture from Metro UK is suspicious. I'm not doubting the validity of the picture. I'm questioning why the fire had sporadic hot spots separated from each other. Forest fires can jump a river if the winds are strong enough but this fire jumped complete neighborhoods. That might imply more than one starting point which would also imply arson.


  1. I ka wa mamua, ka wa mahope. “The future is the past”

  2. Yes, it is a highly suspicious fire...
    However hurricane Dora was there fanning the flames...

    1. That is very true. Wind and fire make a very dangerous combination.

    2. See Cliff Mass’s weather blog. The hurricane had little to nothing to do with the wind. It was a completely different weather phenomenon.

  3. This, of course, is being blamed on global warming.
    No mention of the danger intrinsic in having one highly combustible building complex ... containing people ...near combustible brush.

  4. They said at in some places the fire was advancing 100m/second. Also that a lot of the 500 or so unaccounted for are children who were at home by themselves.

    1. Fires are indeed horrible. It was fast, no question but 100 m per second is difficult to believe.

  5. Can I say it was a direct energy weapon or are we not ready for that on this platform yet? We’ve all seen forest fires and the aftermath, all you have to do is drive through Barriere and you’ll see the remnants but this here is something very different and you definitely didn’t see char broiled cars, buildings, animals and vegetation in the 2003 interior fires. Hawaii got full on microwaved.

    1. Sometimes the simplest answer is the right one. That' like 9/11. Someone claimed it was a nuclear detonation. That's ridiculous. Nuclear explosions leave massive amounts of radioactivity. All three towers collapsed at free fall speed into their own blueprint just like a controlled demolition. They don't use nuclear explosions in controlled demolitions but they do use theremite and professor Steven Jones found thermite in the 9/11 ruble.

  6. The speed of a forest fire can depend upon what is burning, how strong the winds are and if the fire is candling. If a forest fire is candling it can travel very quickly, however I've not heard of a forest fire travelling at 100m per second.
    If fires are travelling through dry grass they do move faster and the embers catch immediately.
    At one time there were a lot of pineapple fields. when they stopped growing them the fields simply were left and the grass grew and the grass dried out and hence more fires.

    As to children being at home by themselves, day care is very expensive and working in the tourist industry isn't all that well paid and a lot of parents can't afford child care

    What has happened in Maui is a tragedy. Given the heat, the dry grass and winds its not surprising.

    Maui also doesn't have a lot of fire fighters which may have contrbuted to things. No sirens went off to warn people of danger.

    we have been lucky because our cities have fairly large fire departments and most small towns have well trained volunteer fire fighters. e.a.f.

  7. Take a look at biden Twitter. He's lasered focus on helping maui. Lasered.

    1. He's trying to regain votes lost since Tulsi Gabbard left the party.

    2. Been around many fires, unfortunately, but by no means an expert.

      It seems the color of the
      Lahaina fire remnants are just not right?

      More grey than black?
      There are heat spectrums but this signature just seems a little off.
      Much like the Paradise, California fire a few years ago.

      Now, we're hearing of all the future proposals for Maui and the 15 min city etc.
      It really makes you wonder.
      Maui and Lahaina in particular was a very special and spiritual place.
      The future development of this place will will tell all that needs to be said!

    3. Burn it to the ground then rebuild a 15 minute city - that is a valid concern. It provides a motive. My daughter is visiting a tropical country. She recently showed me a grass fire outside her condo that looked apocalyptic. Later we discover that grass fires in that area are always deliberately set.


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