Thursday, August 17, 2023

Walking on the Sun


  1. Would Clay Rouche have been better off to take a life sentence in Canada? This government needs to be spoken to about this.

    1. I would have to say yes. But that was never on the table. Much easier time and he’d likely be released by now if he was serving a Canadian sentence.

  2. The Americans only release people to do time in Canada that you've never heard of, or who are dying or something. He tried the compassionate grounds thing to take care of his mother and was turned down. Also, they know very well that we would release him in short order whatever we said, so we could say that he suffers now for our previous record in such things with others.

  3. His sentence was reduced to 24 years from 30. 10% off for good behavior which is all they can get in the Federal system equals 21.6 starting in 2009 when he was sentenced, so basically 2031 unless something changes, 8 more years.


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