Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Police officers wire tapped for the wrong reasons

Donald Best is a retired police officer that runs a blog with a lot of insightful information on it. In his most recent post he reported that Detective Helen Grus was wiretapped for investigating nine Sudden Infant Deaths where she sought to know the vaccine status of the mothers in January 2022. Charging her for disreputable conduct for that is bat sh*t crazy. It is a politicla ploy that validates every Canadian concern about lockdowns and Synthetic RNA.

Former Ottawa Police Sergeant Rob Stocki Was Also Wiretapped

In that article Donald Best also reported that "Rob Stocki is a former Ottawa Police Sergeant turned New Blue Party candidate in the 2022 Ontario Provincial election. He too received notice that police had wiretapped him during the Freedom Convoy under an ‘Urgent’ Section 188(2) from February 18 to 19, 2022. Just as with Detective Grus, the Section 188 ‘Urgent’ wiretap was not followed up with a ‘real’ wiretap authorization."

In the article before that Donald Best reports that "Legendary New York Police Detective and Medal of Honor recipient Frank Serpico has slammed the Ottawa Police Service for covering up an investigation into the potential connection between mRNA ‘vaccines’ and Sudden Infant Deaths." He also reports that Frank Serpico was a whistle blower set up for blown gthe whistle on New York City police corruption. That was back in the /70's. Michael Dowd was busted in 1992. The documentary called the Seven Five is worth watching.

Donald Best also wrote that moving article about Lois Cardinal's adverse reaction to transitioning.


  1. Any parent who had their child (anyone under 18) vaccinated, deserves what they get. Covid 19 is only deadly, to the obese and the elderly or those with underlying medical conditions. In my opinion.

  2. This should be a heads up to police officers. Questions of right and wrong are not for you, only for "your betters", who not only aren't, but increasingly seem not to know the difference. Or know but don't care. The moment you question their authority, the full weight of the system you serve will come down on you and yours, and your past service and the good you have done in your career will mean nothing. There is a reason they don't talk about the concept of an "unlawful order", which you are under no legal or moral obligation to obey.

    To put it another way, Justin Trudeau didn't execute that wiretap on your phone, your buddies did.


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