Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Shooting outside West Edmonton Mall

City News is reporting that "Police say the still unidentified suspects involved in the West Edmonton Mall shooting waited in the parking lot for four individuals to emerge from the mall before an exchange of gunfire took place between both groups. That’s the latest information provided by the Edmonton Police Service on the shooting that locked down one of the largest malls in North America for two hours Monday night"

There was also a fatal shooting in Edmonton on Saturday.

Two groups shoot at each other outside the mall and the police lock down the entire mall. There's something shady going on in this new world order. Cutting off the water supply to fight the fire in Hawaii and police rerouting people back into the city to create a traffic gridlock causing people to die waiting in line was completely unacceptable. Likewise in BC the NDP are more concerned with enforcing evacuation orders then they are with fighting fires. This is all very strange.


  1. It’s cheaper to set up roadblocks than it is to fight fires.

    1. Indeed. Roadblock don't help water bombers fill and fight fires. They are choosing not to use water bombers for a reason. They want the fire to burn out of control so they can create evacuation orders.

  2. We need to come together and end this tyranny

  3. Break free from your social bubble and listen to reason and sanity and we might stand a chance of ending tyranny.

    Or, continue on in your phoney materialistic existence and hope you're eaten last.


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