Sunday, August 6, 2023

CSIS, China and Global Fake News

This Red Herring Campaign is becoming so crazy we need to address it because it's distracting us from the truth. While working for Global Fake News in February, Sam Cooper Tweeted: "#Breaking: My investigation for Global News identifies that PM Justin Trudeau's senior aides were allegedly briefed by CSIS shortly before the October 2019 federal election, that candidate Han Dong, was suspected to be involved in PRC Foreign Interference."

As of June 6th he's gone independent and is still pushing the same Narrative for the same "source." Recently his headline claimed "Beijing's control of the media enabled election interference: CSIS documents." That headline and all his previous tweets while working for Global Fake News quoted CSIS. He's not hiding who his source is.

Before I dive into his narrative I will cite two events: CSIS and the Meng Wanzhou arrest. CSIS is the Canadian Intelligence Agency that spies on it's citizens with zero accountability like the NSA. They are a watered down version of the CIA. CSIS provided the explosives for the Air India bombing. Lying is their method of operation just like the CIA. Propaganda is their obsessive specialty just like the CIA. They spend a great deal of time and energy trying to influence the media just like MI6 did in Operation Mass Appeal falsely accusing Iraq of having WMD.

Anything they claim we need to take with a grain of salt. In fact anything they say we need to question with a healthy skepticism that comes from evidence based research. I stand before you as a witness and declare that CSIS is not here to protect our national security or our sovereignty.
That's the first thing we need to recognize. The second is the obvious fact that the arrest of Meng Wanzhou had absolutely nothing to do with protecting Canada's sovereignty or National security. It had nothing to do with morality either. It was a trade war that is all. Nothing more, nothing less. Now let's back up and examine some of Sam Cooper's tweets while working for Global Fake News before he set up his new Fake News Network for CSIS. They all quote CSIS and boldly promote CSIS' narrative but while doing so they also make a few interesting statements. One tweet states "Exclusive Investigation: Canadian intelligence briefs alleged that China's Toronto Consulate covertly funded a clandestine network of CCP-affiliated candidates in the 2019 federal election." Another tweet sated that "candidate Han Dong, was suspected to be involved in PRC Foreign Interference." AYFKM? They donated to Justin Trudeau. Now they are trying to set up Han Dong and make him their fall guy just like they did to Bill Morneau. It wasn't Bill Morneau's charity, it was Justin Trudeau's charity.

CSIS' defamation campaign through Sam Copper declared that " BREAKING: Liberal MP Han Dong secretly advised Chinese diplomat in 2021 to delay freeing Two Michaels: sources"

He already boldly declared who his sources are. This is how you make a false statement without getting charged with defamation. Somebody said this. Yeah somebody said that but what they said wasn't true. It's like the way some reporters misrepresent a criminal trial how they see fit. They quote a specific witness and announce this witness said that. Yeah they did say that but what they said wasn't true. That's why witnesses are cross examined and their credibility is weighed based on the test of believability. They compare their statements with the known facts.

The CCP were donating to Justin Trudeau's charity. The CCP also donated to Dominion Voting who in turn donated to Justin Trudeau. That's just two examples of how the CCP laundered donations to Justin Trudeau. Obviously there were many more. Han Dong is just a fall guy. CSIS is in damage control. They're going to burn a few sacrificial lambs and promote the hype to distract us from the real concern - them. CSIS' ties to the WEF and their promotion of that insane agenda makes anything the Hells Angels or the CCP have ever done completely insignificant.

CSIS is concerned with China's influence over the media because it competes with their exclusive control of the media just like how a Chinese cell phone would compete with their exclusive control over that market and their ability to easily listen in on and track any cell phone made here.

CSIS supports the demonization of Putin in the Ukraine while they blindly endorse the US biolabs there and the WEF's obsession to sexualize our children in school. That obsession has nothing to do with protecting Canada's sovereignty or National Security. They, like the CIA, are defiantly determined to undermine Canada's sovereignty and Canadian citizens' self reliance. In fact, they will use National Security as an excuse to turn Canadians into slaves even if they have to use false flag attacks to do it. Buyer Beware. Don't let their circus side show fool you.
We also need to address the obvious. CSIS and the Fake News are obsessing over China donating to fringe candidates while they completely ignore the elephant in the room, the Ukraine. Zelenski was laundering millions of American tax dollars through FTX back to Joe Biden's mid terms. Why don't CSIS and the CIA care about that? Because they were behind it.

Another thing we need to recognize is the difference in the way China strives to influence our media compared to the way CSIS and the CIA influence and control our media. China is trying to sell their products. That's called marketing. CSIS and the CIA are obsessed with controlling everything we see and read. That is the real Communism we need to address.

China selling Huawei cell phones in Canada and the US is not going to adversely affect our Nation Security or our Sovereignty but it will make them a lot of money. That's the real concern. Most cell phones we buy are already made in China. The difference is those cell phones are owned by American companies who are part of the WEF's global cabal determined to enslave the world with their twisted brand of Communism while they get richer.

Those WEF companies want to maintain their monopoly on the market so they can increase their wealth. That is the sole purpose of their brand of Communism - so they can increase their wealth.

Obviously China would be able to track dissidents who use their phone. Obviously the Falun gong would likely chose not to use their service but do you really think China can't track American owned cell phones they made for Apple or Android? Again, this propaganda obsession is a trade war. It has absolutely nothing to do with our Sovereignty or our National Security.

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